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A Peak at Open Eye Connection

Connection brings us all together in this monthly survival guide publication. Complete with self-help sections, lunar calendars, and suggested yoga sequences, Open Eye Connection is sure to be the best part of your day!

Soulful Wellness

As an empath, I tap in to your energy centers and help you to unlock your full potential, embrace abundance, and manifest your goals into your reality. I work with tarot cards, crystals, essential oils, and incense to spread my love and peace with the world and all it’s inhabitants.

Join me in my tribe Abundance Seeking Gypsy, where I offer Tarot Card Thursdays, Mindset Mondays, and a new weekly topic on Tuesdays. I hope to see you there!

Peace and Abundance ✌🏼✨

Hello and welcome to My Minimalist Soul! I’m Nathalie; an intuitive life coach, writer, and bohemian mama. I’m so thrilled to have you here and hope that you find peace and abundance in these pages. Contact me at any time with questions, concerns, or comments and don’t be afraid to leave anything on my posts.

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