Why are Zodiac Signs so Important & Harnessing Yours

Why are Zodiac Signs so Important & Harnessing Yours

Why are zodiac signs so important? Because you can use that knowledge to better harness your energy and the energy around you!

If you saw some of my live videos on Facebook, you’ve heard how important it is to understand what energy is going on around you. You can control the people you hang out with, the places you go, and what you think. Problem is, it’s next to impossible to control what energy is being sent to us from the universe.

The moon is an exception. Because it’s so close, we can see the phases that it’s in and work with that energy to manifest changes and goals that we make.

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When it comes to the larger celestial bodies, unless you have a telescope or track their progress, you never know what they’re doing. You don’t know when Mercury, Saturn, or Jupiter go into retrograde for instance (which can cause huge changes in your life).

But, like I said, there are sites you can go to if you want to find out when that happens, and I’m sure even apps.

What an app can’t tell you though is how the energy that was present when we were born has carried on to effect us through the rest of our lives.

Zodiac Signs Are Important

That’s exactly why zodiac signs are important. They’re a quick, one stop to understanding a little more about yourself without having to do a ton of research to better understand what energy has imprinted on you.

When we’re first born, we are presented into an entirely new world. Up until that moment, we were only feeling our mother’s energy and experiencing the world as something dark and warm. Upon birth, we’re suddenly in a bright room with tons of different energy, sounds, and smells. Talk about information overload.

What’s often over looked though is how the planets, moon, sun, and stars actually were aligned during that moment. Knowing your zodiac sign is a small step in understanding what was first influencing you during that time.

When you understand where these celestial bodies were during those moments, you’ll know what energy has embedded into your being, how to start working with the positive energy, and how you can begin to balance where negative energy may have affected you. This is what makes zodiac signs so important.

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Why are Knowing Horoscopes and Zodiac Signs so Important?

Horoscopes work by seeing where the planets are aligned according to the constellation that was present at your birth and from there working with the energy that it currently going on to give you advice on what you should be focusing on right now. This can include knowing when to make goals vs clear obstacles. It all depends on the phase of the moon, certain parts of the year (depending on the planets orbits in our solar system), and what else is present in the universe so that you can better pursue certain things.

For instance, right now the sun is in Gemini. I’m a Pisces (yay for fish!). Pisces is also in Chiron and Neptune right now. So naturally this is going to make me even more sensitive (since Pisces are already such a sensitive zodiac sign) and I’ll have feelings of self doubt. With the sun being in Gemini though I’ll also want to be talkative and communicative.

If I didn’t know this, I may just associate the sudden feelings of doubt and confusion with a mood swing. But, since I do know what forces are in work around me, I can take action to help balance myself out. I’ll focus on specific chakras, drink certain teas, or put a particular blend into my diffuser.

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What About All That Energy That Was Present at Birth

Your zodiac sign is just a piece of the puzzle to what energies were present at the time you were born. Without a natal planetary positions chart, you really don’t have a clue about other energies have imprinted on you. These energies are just casually following you through life now, presenting themselves in the way you behave, some of your personality traits, and even in your weaknesses.

Take for instance if in your chart Mercury was in Aries. This would mean that your witty, inventive and quick. But you can also be very sensitive, quick to anger, and can be exaggerating. When you understand what was present at your birth, you can better understand yourself and what you are capable of.

I offer a therapeutic astrology kit for those who are looking to better understand that energy that they’re encountering. I created it after I started learning about my natal planetary position. It fits me to a T and was ‘scary’ accurate. After I made some for some of my friends that were also interested, I realized that I could use this knowledge to help other people. I include ways to balance your chakras that are designed just for you and your natal chart- No copy and paste I promise! And of course a tarot card reading, performed by yours truly, so that we can find what you first need to start focusing on. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

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What’s your sign and how true does it hold to who you are?

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