A Year Dedicated to Vulnerability

A Year Dedicated to Vulnerability

Only a couple of days into 2018 and it makes my heart soar to see how many people are hitting the ground running and pursuing what they want to have happen for them in the next year. I must admit, I’m really enjoying some of those videos of avoiding drama, fake friends, etc. Mindset like that makes such a tremendous difference which is why for each new year I dedicate it to a single word.

My Word for 2017

Last year, I started the year with the word determination. While that’s a great word and it does describe a bit of my year, I don’t think it’s the word. No, as I look back a much different word comes to mind. Discovery. Yes, corny, I know. But every experience from this past year has led to more and more discoveries.

These discoveries were anywhere from things about myself, to my family and the Universe. I’m so grateful for everything little thing- especially discovering the role of what a mother is to me and what it takes to be that person. Since determination ultimately led me to make these discoveries, I decided I wanted to go into 2018 armed with another word so that I can better be prepared to conquer my goals.

So what’s my word for 2018


Vulnerable: susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm

The most impactful discovery that I made in 2017 is that on the other side of fear, there is growth and success. Everything from starting my own blog and business, to becoming a mother, and even some of the everyday ins and outs of life, happened after I set fear aside and allowed myself to do it. And you know exactly what I mean by this. It’s in that big inhale we take before going into the gas station or store. It’s what we embody when we don’t know all the answers but we do it anyway.

That’s being vulnerable. And it’s absolutely beautiful.

The problem is that I (perhaps we) resist the necessity to be vulnerable. We fall into a routine pattern that prevents us from moving forward. I tend to question and second-guess myself to the point where I let it stop me. These self established roadblocks could be created by anything that we do, for instance saying “I’ll start tomorrow”. We know that when tomorrow rolls arounds odds are we won’t actually start, but we still say it

Magic is created on randoms days that we get a burst of motivation and confidence. The days where our soul and passion can shine through and we see our true selves when we look in the mirror, where we are vulnerable yet sure. We mirror that in our actions and make hard strides to whatever it is we’re trying to achieve.

Vulnerability Leads to Breakthroughs

It really doesn’t matter what area of life, but when we trust this uncomfortable feeling to be vulnerable and to show up as ourselves, we see abundance. The passion that is laced in the intentions that we set is what propels our body, mind, and soul to align so we can actively manifest things, events, or even people into our lives.

What Do I Expect for 2018?

Each year we are so grateful for the end. We build up this image of all the amazing things that we just have to accomplish in the next year. But when December rolls around again most of us find that we didn’t actually make any of those things happen. Or worse, we realize half way through the year that we’re sticking to our New Year’s Resolution so we toss it entirely.

So much is expected of the new year, but we’re almost trapped in that creation mode. Resolutions are fun to make but they aren’t fun to execute. Expectations breeds discontentment and opens the door to disappointment.

So for 2018 I don’t expect anything to happen. I have zero expectations from what is to come. Instead, I will travel through the year with my soul aligned and prepared, with vulnerability on my mind.

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