Welcome to Open Eye Connection!

Welcome to Open Eye Connection!
I’ve always felt a little odd, like I didn’t quite fit in with this time. But then I didn’t know what time I would’ve felt at home in. Change happens in a second. It can leave you winded in the best of ways, where you come out on the other side stronger than you were before.
For me, it happened when I first experienced synchronicity. I was exploring a new hiking trail with some friends, and being the day-dreamer that I am, I wondered away from the group. While walking through the trees I wasn’t watching where I was going, instead I couldn’t keep my eyes off new budding leaves. But when I finally did look down, there was a deer.
We had startled each other as we wondered to the same spot at the same time. We hadn’t passed any other deer and I hadn’t seen any signs of them being around. But here he was. Since we had scared each other, neither one of us had ran. It was just us, still in the vulnerable after-glow of momentary terror, staring at the other one.
After a few minutes of taking in the beauty of the moment, I slowly backed up and returned to my group. They had no idea what had happened and I don’t even think they noticed I had fallen behind (again). They had no idea that I had just experienced the universe in grande total of 2.5 minutes. It was in that moment that I was introduced to synchronicity and to the one-ness of everything around us.
That deer changed the course of my life. After that I strived to feel connected with the universe like that again.
It took years of reading, meeting random teachers, and self-discoveries for me to get to this moment. Where I introduce you to :
Open Eye Connection
A monthly guide for like minded, universe-soul-seeking wanderers. Each issue bringing vibes of connectivity while accompanied by sections to empower, enlighten, and enrich.
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