Week In Review: January 15-21, 2017

Week In Review: January 15-21, 2017

Week In Review: Book Obsession

The Fall of Giants by Ken Folliet

The first book in its series, the Fall of Giants is an amazing read. It’s super long but trust me, it’s hard to put down. While you may think it will take you weeks if not months to read this monster, it takes little time at all. I completed in less than a week. Yes some other things were neglected, but it was totally worth it.
Ken Folliet is more widely known for his Book Pillars of the Earth. That book and its sequel are also amazing. The thing about Fall of Giants though is that it completely took me off guard. I wasn’t expecting to become so engrossed in it. Historical fiction pieces are amazing but his attention to detail really made this one stand out.
It follows the lives of multiple characters and families during the World War I. Each from a different walk of life and area of the world, providing amazing insight to what the time period was like. Everything that happens to/with the characters could have actually happened during this time period. He even brings real historical figures to life, like Winston Churchill. While we will never know what they would’ve said for sure in these situations, these are pretty accurate assumptions.
I’ve begun the second book naturally and no disappointments! If you’re looking for a new series to read, give this one a shot!

Week In Review: Song Obsession

Mamma Mia by Abba

First of all, Abba is still killing it. They never get old and I’m super excited about whatever little reunion they have planned for this year. That being said, I wasn’t looking to be roped in by them this week.
On the way back from running some errands, Mamma Mia came on the radio. So of course my fiancĂ© and I broke out into song. Who can resist it? Well it turns out that our little one is a die hard fan as well. He LOVES Abba. He went from sound asleep to doing somersaults. While adorable, he needs to understand he’s running out of room in there!
I wouldn’t change it though. Since that day, Mamma Mia has been replaying in my head. There’s been moments where I’m expecting the cast of its most recent movie musical to appear and proceed to dance and sing with me. That would certainly make our little man happy!
Week In Review: Reflections

This week went by extremely fast

Each day could be the last for our little dou and we couldn’t be more excited. Everything is packed up and ready to go. Our room and baby space is prepared. Just need the young prince now.
Thank you for everyone who has been participating in our Minimalism Challenge! It’s so exciting to see what everyone is up to and all the amazing posts! I love all the support and feedback you have been providing. Please don’t hesitate to comment on anything!
This week was a bit more personal as far as the posts went then I did during our two week journey to starting the year right. I plan on continuing to combine the same awesome tips and tricks I have for you with some personal tidbits along the way. If you’re ever looking for something more serious or direct, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or message me directly on our Facebook page. I’d be happy to work with you.
On Mondays my newsletter will be going that will briefly mention what you can expect from the blog in the coming week. While I don’t plan on having major interruptions occur when our new addition arrives, please be patient if you do try to contact me. I can schedule posts, but personal feedback to your comments/questions/concerns are extremely important to me and I want to make sure I can give you the best response possible. Therefore I’ll need to wait for a calm moment. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

Plans for the next week

Speaking of next week, you’ll be able to expect a post on Monday and Thursday. This will be my usual schedule. On Friday there will be another week in review.
If I have time to add in another post on Tuesday or Wednesday, you’ll be notified through the Minimalist Soul’s social media accounts. They’re more active than I am in the digital world. They are also the quickest way to reach me for anything concerning the blog or questions about life coaching.
As always, namaste! Good vibes! And have an awesome day!
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