My Thoughts on Babies and Our Souls

My Thoughts on Babies and Our Souls

Babies are marvelous. Babies of any and all kinds are marvelous. Human babies, kittens, calves, pups, you name it! They’re all amazing creatures! January of 2017 my first child was born into this world. He’s changed my entire reality and I’ve never been so grateful. But, that’s not what this post is about. Nor is it about the fact that when munchkin man was eight months, we welcomed two eight week old kittens into our home. It’s about connection and rebirth.

I’ve watched these beings play, sleep, and eat together for two months. And I’ve seen them grow at an alarming rate. But when you watch three very seperate, independent creatures grow together, you start to notice some patterns and similarities.

1. Be a Bulldozer

For example; the discovery of being able to scale obstacles. Between learning to crawl and learning to stand, munchkin man discovered his ability to bulldoze. Nothing stands in his way now. He will get to what you’re trying to hide it and he will use you a stabilizer in the process. Nothing will ever stand in this child’s way.

Since he’s now energetic and extremely mobile, I recently put a baby gate between the bedroom and master bathroom. The cats’ litter box is back there and I’d rather allow for complete bedroom exploration then block off the room completely. So now munchkin man is safe from the bathroom and the cats get a little more privacy.

After putting the gate up and testing it a little, I placed both kittens on the other side, thinking it wouldn’t phase them. I just wanted them to figure it out so I wouldn’t have to worry about any accidents. To our amusement, they spent the next 20 mins trying to get out. It was Dimitri finally who leaped from the counter to the top of the gate and then the floor. We gave his performance a 10/10. But as Dimitri reached the floor and looked back at the gate, I saw the same expression that I’ve see on munchkin man’s face when he discovers something new.

It seems to be an expression of familiarity or of “well of course that’s how you do it”. This realization is usually accompanied by either frantic squeals followed by an attempt to run or by a crazy, frantic running-with-your-tail-fluffed dash through the living room. It’s a reaction that we never quite grow out of. Discovering something new- and especially something we are good at- can brighten any day.

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2. Connection is everything

These three babies are growing by leaps and bounds and in their innocence, their souls shine. Their little personalities are each so unique yet the three are the perfect example of an inter-species three musketeers. Bringing two kittens into our home was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

And as they learn, explore, and create, it’s almost impossible to miss the way they discover the way their body works. Of course with these babies they’re discovering different things; bipedal walking for the munchkin man, and overcoming-baby-gates for the cats. But they’re also discovering how this world works.

So here are my thoughts. Our souls are born into new bodies, into new worlds, that we must now explore and learn from. Our world may be the same but our realities are different, it’s the only difference between my son and my kittens. Their realities.

It’s easy for me to tell the difference between an old soul and a new soul. Maya, the tortoiseshell fur baby, has an old soul but, her brother, Dimitri’s soul is still young and fiery. Yet here they both are as cats. Both learning from each other and from munchkin man, and vice verse. And not so surprisingly, the amount of love that radiates from all of them when they are together is intoxicating.

Big picture questions aside, when we are born into this world we are given two things: a new body and love. And these two things are what every baby in this world is. A new, wiggling, clumsy body and pure love. These two things alone will remain with us throughout our entire lives. An overwhelming feeling and a body that is already beginning to age. When mixed together, we are beings of love that have a limited time to share their unique shade of it.

With that, from birth our souls are left to create our reality. To determine if we are the butterfly dreaming of being a human or a human dreaming of being the butterfly.

Existence is amazing and nothing is an accident. The universe is too grand and perfect for anything else.
And that is what is marvelous about babies.

And that is what is marvelous about babies.

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