The Connection Between your Ego and Minimalism

The Connection Between your Ego and Minimalism

More and more people are turning towards a minimalistic lifestyle. The appeal of living with less and experiencing more is extremely appealing- especially to those that are experiencing a reconnection with their soul. Consumerism and the need to have more materialistic things are ideas that are flying out the window as people begin to “wake up”. The transition from living within the ego to allowing yourself to experience life is freeing in multiple forms. And that includes the connection between your ego and minimalism.

What is your ego?

Your ego is the way that you experience your physical self. It’s your self-esteem, self-expression, and the thoughts that are beyond what’s happening right now. When we are slaves to our ego, we experience a lot of stress and anxiety. A lot of what if questions pop up and cloud the way that we can fully experience this present moment in time. It’s also our ego that tells us about what or who or how we ‘should’ be.

The truth is, that when we are slaves to our ego, we aren’t experiencing and learning from life. It can lead to the dulling down of our energy and our soul. The ego is the box that we place ourselves in. When we let go of the ego, we can begin to experience what the world and this life is truly about. And that’s where the connection between your ego and minimalism lies.

The Connection Between Your Ego and Minimalism | What is the ego | What is minimalism | Minimalist Soul | Spiritual Awakening

The Connection Between your Ego and Minimalism

Minimalism is all about living with the things that you need and letting go of the need to have things of material value. For those who look at minimalism spiritually, you can view it as seeing the things around you as energy. Stagnant energy holds you back. It takes up space and doesn’t allow for more positive energy to enter into your life. By living with less and having things that are important to us, we are allowing for life to happen in this moment.

The same can be said when we release our ego. We can experience our soul, this moment, and this life when we let it go. Our internal state is usually reflected in our external surroundings. The more clutter and feelings that we hang onto within ourselves, we can see that in the state of our homes, cars, etc.

Releasing Some of the Ego through Minimalism

Letting go of the hold our ego has over us can be extremely difficult and it’s something that only comes with practice. And even then of course you’ll have days that are fueled by your ego and it’s insistent need to control what’s going on around us and how we are perceived. As consumers, our ego tells us to buy things that we don’t actually need. We place need and want on those objects and value in regards to how they make us look or as a way of expression.

*Note: I’m not saying that the things we buy aren’t a way of self expression. They are. But when the ego has a hold on us and it’s telling us how we ‘should’ be, then some of the things that we buy aren’t really a form of self expression.*

Something else to think about is that the more we ‘want’ something. The more wanting we will receive. Instead of being satisfied when we finally ‘get’ that thing, we will continue to want the next thing. Try out my minimalism challenge for a 30 day Minimalism Jumpstart!



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