What Can the Average Person Do to Save the Earth?

What Can the Average Person Do to Save the Earth?

As intelligent creatures, it’s up to us to undo what has been done and to take steps to save the Earth.

I’m just going to jump right into this topic because it’s one that I’m very passionate about. We have one planet. While we are exploring space, I’m sorry to say that most of us won’t ever live to see the day of a distant planet being colonized. That being said, we really need to protect and love the one we have!

Dumping things into the ocean, destroying vital forests, and ignoring the warning signs that are all around us, isn’t a great way to show our love for the place we call home. We’re from the Earth, therefor we need to take care of it.

Doesn’t the Earth have cycles?

Yes. The Earth does have cycles between ice ages and times of higher temperatures. But.

Temperatures have never been this high. The ozone layer has never been so thin. Mass extinctions that are occurring now haven’t happened since the dinosaurs.

Glaciers that are melting are thousands of years old. Microfibers and plastics are in the seafood that we eat. We treat farm animals as though they’re the only ones who don’t have feelings. And we throw things away without thinking about where they’re going to end up.

We are living like this planet is a giant trash can that can magically recycle unnatural products and filter out the chemicals we put into the air, while simultaneously providing us with air to breath, clean water to drink, and a reliable food source. If a single person can’t do that, why do we expect out planet to be able to do this?

So what can we do to save the Earth?

We’ve all seen or heard about people that don’t produce any waste- and that’s amazing. I applaud those people. But not everyone can do that. I wish we all could be if we’re being honest, it’s difficult to do.

When I was asked recently what do I do to help save the Earth and protect the environment, I was at a loss. What do I actually do?

Well days later, I have an answer. And everything I do is something that everyone can do, everyday. You don’t have to completely become waste-less. All you have to do is become conscience. You have to take all of your actions and choices and think about what kind of consequences they pose.

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What the average person can do to save the Earth

Turn off the lights and close the refrigerator. These are both things that we grow up hearing from our parents. But by doing these two simple things you are saving electricity and energy. Use natural light instead when you can!

Stop leaving the water running. Whether it’s when you brush your teeth or just in the kitchen, stop leaving the water running! The amount of water that is used each time we flush or shower is more than enough.

Use reusable bags at the grocery store. This is super easy. All you have to do is buy one or two bags and just keep them in your car so you never forget that. Plastic bags aren’t just an eye sore, they end up in our oceans and lead to the deaths of thousands of animals. Also, plastic DOES NOT break down. It slowly breaks up into smaller and smaller pieces which than enter the food chain that leads directly to us. So if you don’t want to eat plastic, then consider finding ways to recycle.

Find new uses for old items. Honestly, I think you all would be very surprised how you can repurpose items that you were once going to throw away. Follow any DIY crafter or just look up what your options are for whatever thing you’re going to throw away. Also, if you can’t think of another use for something, could someone else use it? Donate it! Someone else would be more than happy to have it- as long as its clean and working!

Buy cotton clothes. Besides the fact that cotton clothing is softer, its better for the environment. Synthetic fibers when washed slowly break down and release microfibers into the washer. Those fibers than travel through the plumbing, and make their way to the sea. Which is where the are then eaten by fish, which are then eaten by US. The thing with plastics and microfibers is that we don’t really see how they affect us. I’ll talk a little more at the end of this post about the dangers of them just in case you weren’t concerned.

Commit to meatless Monday. The cattle industry is responsible for most of the carbon emissions that are made each year and for vast amounts of deforestation. Not only that, the amount of food and water that it takes to produce a single pound of meat is ridiculous. If you can’t commit to cutting back on meat entirely, I strongly suggest that you at least go for meatless Monday. Save an animal. Save some trees and water.

*you can check out more about meatless Monday here*

Why is it important to save the Earth?

In some places, it can be hard to think about being environmental because we don’t see how it can create disastrous affects. Yes we can feel the change in weather, but even then it’s easier to think that it’s just a hot year rather than think ‘oh well all the years now may be hot’. It’s easy to ignore something that doesn’t seem to be affecting us immediately. It’s even easier to ignore something that has never been important in your life.

If you’ve never recycled, seen the climate change charts, or watched an environmental documentary/TED talk, then it’s easy to just sweep this under the rug. But the thing is, we are at a point where everyone needs to be doing something to save the Earth. This isn’t something that can just be ignored anymore.

Plastics and microfibers out number all the marine life that we have in the ocean. It’s these plastics that also disrupt our bodies natural balances because they leach chemicals! The livestock industry (besides being extremely secretive to the horrors that animals go through to end up on our dinner table) are responsible for the most carbon emissions, waste more food (the amount of corn that it takes to feed a single animal far outweighs the meat that is gotten in exchange) and they are responsible for millions of gallons of water that could otherwise go somewhere else. We are destroying our natural resources faster than the Earth can replace them and we aren’t looking into renewable resources like we should be.

Why am I so passionate about this? Because I want my children to enjoy this planet. And I want their children too as well. I want animals to live the way that they are supposed to. No more polar bears drowning or starving because the ice melted early yet again. I want to see trees growing and forests being saved from deforestation. I want a world that lives in harmony and that stops pretending like theres an Earth 2.0 thats next door that we can just abandon ship to when this world is done. That’s not how it works.

What do you do to save the Earth? Why do you think it’s important?

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