Tarot Cards Readings & Why You Should Get One

Tarot Cards Readings & Why You Should Get One

Between my freshman and sophomore year of high school, my grandparents took me and my younger brother on a road trip. We drove to Disney World (which was amazing obviously) and on our way back we stopped in New Orleans.

It’s there that I discovered the magic that is baginets and briefly explored Bourbon Street. Traveling along that legendary street we saw many things that blew our minds and made us excited to one day return as adults. While my brother was more interested in the shop that had pictures of women posted in the window, I was drawn to the women who had tables set up along the sides. They were doing palm readings and looking at beautifully painted cards.

It wasn’t until years later when I was beginning my journey through my spirituality that I truly learned what a tarot card reading is.

Tarot Cards for Dummies

I’m not calling you a dummy- don’t worry! But there’s a lot of stigma behind them and it can make people tune out before giving them a chance.

Like with every positive thing, there’s always a negative counter balance. So yes some people can use the cards for negative practices, but the same can be said with everything. Just because you use tarot cards doesn’t mean that you’re dappling in some voodoo dark arts.

That being said, if you use tarot cards do so with a clear mind and open heart. Clear the room to bring about a positive, calm atmosphere that would be constructive to get a true and accurate reading. Center your mind, take deep breaths, and enjoy the process.

Having your reading done is even more exciting. While I’m used my own tarot cards and done my own readings, it wasn’t until yesterday that I actually got my reading done. And it was an amazing experience! If this is something you’re interested in, please check out the links below and the code that you can use to get 25% off your own reading!

I’m not getting anything from spreading the word. I think it’s an amazing experience that everyone should go through at least once.

Tarot Card Reading | Tarot Cards

Stress and Transformation

Over the past year so much has changed for me.

To get a hint check out what I learned at 8 months pregnant.

Everything that’s shifted has been amazing. Each step along my newfound path has been followed by smiles and laughter. I’ve changed so much yet all I was doing was uncovering who I truly am.

It was last week when my baby was sleeping on me and I was looking at his perfect little face that I realized my body was actually relaxed. I wasn’t tense and my mind wasn’t racing. It was only then that I realized I had been incredibly stressed out. I couldn’t even tell you what exactly I was stressed about, I just knew I was. So naturally, I texted my fiancé saying so. We didn’t really talk about it but all I needed to do was let someone else know and I’ve been beginning to feel the stress drain away more and more everyday.

Yesterday was my first time having someone else do a tarot card reading on me. It was a general reading so there was nothing specific I wanted answered. I was just curious. Especially because the amazing woman who did it had no idea who I was and we were communicating over Facebook.

When she gave me my reading, I was blown away. I don’t want to go into too much detail because I’m a strong believer that these readings are really meant for the subject, but I will say two things. One, the first thing she said is that I’ve been stressed for a very long time and that I’m beginning to heal from it. Two, after some elaboration on that she then said that when I come out on the other side I’ll be my full self and that I’ve been getting closer to that person everyday.

As if the first part wasn’t enough, the second couldn’t be more true. Especially over the past year.

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Why You Should Get One

It’s exciting!

Waiting to hear your reading is very exciting, to the point that it can even make you feel anxious. You’re full of questions and you know the possibilities are endless. You might even be doubting what it will say and questioning if it will even apply to you. Its very tempting to think that it won’t apply to you and that you won’t find any meaning in what you will be told. But have no fear- you’ll find that it will fit in with your life.

It can reveal something about yourself that you haven’t noticed.

In all my tarot card readings (both the ones I’ve done and the one that I had yesterday) has revealed to me something that I hadn’t fully admitted to myself. Even if I was just toying with the notion or just noticing something, hearing it really made it real to me. It allowed me to address something that I obviously needed to.

It can open your eyes to a new adventure.

In the past when I’ve done my own tarot card readings, it was always when I was starting a new venture. I would ask the question if what I was doing was right and if I should continue along this path. It was pretty interesting when the cards would actually reveal something I hadn’t thought of yet. Above all else, the experience is really empowering and enlightening!

It can give you a major confidence boost.

Learning that you are on the right path from a random set of three cards out of 100 is amazing. It validates the things that you are feeling and can empower you to continue doing something that may be out of your comfort zone.

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