How I Stay Motivated: 6 Ways to Keep Going

How I Stay Motivated: 6 Ways to Keep Going

Staying motivated to accomplish or achieve something is extremely difficult. No perfect morning routine can help you achieve it and no amount of any single thing can make it stick for you.

**A morning routine does help though. Check out how I make a killer morning ritual to start off my day**

Like with any good recipe, there are multiple ingredients that go into the ability to stay motivated. Honestly, I find it to be one of the hardest things to do. Saying you’ll do something and getting excited about it is one thing. Following through is another.

That being said- this is what it takes to stay motivated.

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Watch a documentary or TED talk

Educate yourself on everything possible to achieve your goals. Not only does this keep your mind young and is going for your mental wellness, but it can be inspiring.

I love and need to watch a documentary at least once a week, even if it’s one I’ve already seen before. These are everyday people that have discovered something so amazing that they’ve taken the time out of their lives to share with you what they’ve learned. Even if you don’t want to follow in their foot steps you can admire their journey.

TED talks are similar to mini documentaries except they can lift you up and empower you to be the best version of yourself.

Empowering yourself through knowledge is one of the best ways to stay motivated. You’ll feel refreshed in your adventure and empowered to keep up the fight.

Visual your success

What does success look like to you? It’s different for everyone. No ones happiness looks the same as someone else’s. They can share similar aspects but they aren’t identical.

Visualize what the end looks like. Is it a promotion? Being able to run in a marathon? Start a new career path? Or even to clean out your home of clutter?

**If you’re looking to declutter try my 30 day minimalism challenge**

When it comes to staying motivated, when you frequently visualize your version of success then it’s easier to figure out how to get there. Not only that but daydreaming can help keep you going. Don’t lose sight of what you want!

Narrow down what matters

One of the biggest things that kills my motivation and that can lead me down a dark thought process of questioning what I’m doing is when I want to do too much. And yes. That’s more than possible.
When you want to achieve something or live a certain way it’s easy to lose sight of what is truly important to you. You get lost in the image you create and without realizing, you might be trying to adopt something that isn’t actually for you.

So after you’ve visualized where you want to be check in with all the aspects that come along with it. Do you want that as well? What truly matters and what is just fluff that you may have subconsciously added to the picture?

Self care is a must

You know that burnt out feeling? When your shoulders drag and your back aches for no reason? That’s when you’re most likely to give up. You no longer want to keep pushing forward or towards something new.
And I don’t blame you. It’s exhausting pursuing something that isn’t in your daily norms.

But that’s why self care is so important! It prevents the burn out and reenergizes you in your pursuit. In turn that newly lit fire will keep you feeling motivated and ready to tackle the world.

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Be grateful for what you have and the journey

No matter where you are in your journey or how long it’s taken to get there, be grateful for how far you’ve come. Even if you’ve only made your action plan you can still be grateful. Be grateful for everything you’ve been through- what you’ve overcome and your failures.

They’re leading you along in life and guiding you to your future. It can be easy to let it drag you down but keep your head up and getting pushing through.

The hardest things in life that I’ve faced are some of the ones that I am most thankful for. Without them, change would not have been possible.

**Heres some ideas on how to be grateful**

Don’t compare apples to oranges

Recently in an amazing article with the lovely Amy from Informed and Empowered (read it here!) we talked about self sabotage. There are many ways in which you can sabotage yourself but there’s one in particular that if you stop doing it can help you to stay motivated.

And that’s comparing yourself to the people around.

Just stop it.

While having a buddy can hold you accountable when you’re trying to achieve a goal, they aren’t there for you to compare yourself to. Everyone is different and walking along the same journey is different too. Lift each other up, not push the other behind or place them on a pedastol.

When it comes to staying motivated you need to believe in yourself and your abilities. Pursue things at your own pace and make sure that it truly matters to you in your heart of hearts.

What do you do to stay motivated? Is there something you have a hard time overcoming?

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