Spiritual Renewal: What’s to Come

Spiritual Renewal: What’s to Come

The past six years of my life I’ve been going on a journey. If I had known what was going on, I probably would’ve reached my destination a lot sooner. But it happened this way for a reason. And it took this long so that I could be sure that everything I learned and that I’ve adopted into my own life is right for me.

When I started Minimalist Soul I knew that I had big plans for it. I wanted to help people to live a positive life. And I still do. But as I committed to being myself and embracing everything that meant, I realized that I was taking a different turn. To me helping people by talking about routines or goal setting isn’t enough. I want to share all I’ve learned.

I want to guide people to a spiritual renewal by embracing nature’s healing abilities.

My own spiritual renewal

As I mentioned, I’ve been going through my own spiritual renewal for about six years now, maybe a little longer. And it wasn’t until recently that I realized what exactly was happening.

I just thought I was learning something that I had learned in a past life. What I was reading, hearing, and soaking up were things that made sense. These ideas and truths seemed like things that I had always known and I had simply forgot for awhile.

If you don’t know this amazing feeling than I highly suggest you hunt it down. It’s like falling in love all over again. You know the dances and the words. There’s no heartbreak. Just an overwhelming feeling of being home.

I started off with learning about all the major religions, basically everything that you would see on a survey asking your belief system. And while I was fascinated, some things really didn’t add up or they still felt like something was missing.

So I pressed on. The whole time I had no idea what I was actually doing. I would have small epiphanies here and there, and adopted this things into my lifestyle but it still took me years to find everything and fully adopt all that I have.

The world around us is all about give and take. But that doesn’t have to be negative, because it’s not. The Earth, this amazing planet that we call home is constantly offering us things that will better our lives. These are things that benefit our mental health, physical health, spiritual health, social health etc etc. All we have to do is take it and give thanks for what is being provided to us.

What that means for the blog

Minimalist Soul is now getting its own spiritual renewal. This world that we currently live in offers us all we need to enjoy a life rich with overall wellness. I’m here to talk about the spiritual wellness that can come with embracing all that nature has to offer.

Now the things I’ll be talking about aren’t something that is mainstream. If you’re looking for the normal stuff then I’m sorry, this site may not be for you. I encourage you to read and learn and explore, but your spiritual renewal may lie somewhere else and I wish you luck in that journey.

The same is true if you’re looking for a religious option. While I’ll explain how all of my methods and what I’ve learned can apply to your own religious practice, religion is not the base of what I’ll be sharing here.

**Don’t quite understand the difference between religion and spirituality check it out here**

I’ll be exploring all topics related to Earth’s healing abilities. This includes but not limited to crystal healing, energy healing, the Law of Attraction, karma, astrology, aromatherapy, color magic, meditation, chakras, and many more things of this nature.

There’s one more thing that I will be including in the blog though. I said that it’s a give and take situation with the Earth right. And we can’t just take and take and take. We need to give back to the one thing that’s providing us with everything that we need to survive. I’ll be offering resources on how to help take care of the planet as well. If my brand of spirituality appeals to you then you love the Earth as much as I do and you know it’s vital to take care of it. And I also think it’s only right to preserve it and treat it as the wonder that it is.

What that means for you

This all means that when you visit Minimalist Soul from now on, you’ll be seeing tools that you need to have for your own spiritual renewal. I’ll be offering up everything that I’ve learned so that you can move towards a spirituality that you love and that helps you manifest what you want and need in your life.

I’ll provide with you the resources that you’ll need in your own journey. I can offer answers to questions and provide guidance. I’ll also offer spiritual coaching for those who might need a little extra push in the right direction.

As time goes on you’ll see more resources and posts. I encourage you to ask all you can and leave comments when you like what you see. I’ll do my best to answer everything and to provide you with what you need on your amazing spiritual renewal.

Peace and namaste.

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