Signs You’re a Hippie from a Modern Hippie

Signs You’re a Hippie from a Modern Hippie

Hippies have a bad rap. Whether its from being stoners that don’t shave or shower, to tree huggers, it seems like everyone has something negative to say about hippies. The things about being a hippie is that well it’s awesome!

As you may have guessed from my vibe spreading, easy going, essential oil loving lifestyle, my personality would classify as someone who is a bit of a free spirit- aka a hippie. I grow my hair long, I like my indie music, I’m a major tree hugger, and I believe in energy of the universe. There’s no crime in it and I definitely never thought I was actually a hippie until I was daydreaming one day (that should’ve been a sign). I was trying to figure out what kind of person I am, how would I want to describe myself to a perfect stranger in as little words as possible.

I’m definitely not preppy, trend setter, or trend chaser even. I’m not athletic, popular, or extremely social for that matter- introverted at heart. So what am I? Well after a few sips of wine and some soul searching, I narrowed it down. I’m a modern hippie.

What’s a modern hippie you might ask? How does a modern hippie compare to the classic image of a hippie? Well I’ll tell you.

Modern Hippie vs. Conventional Hippie

I won’t pretend I’m a hippie expert. But I’ll try to explain how I see the differences.

First of all, no one can take the place of the hippies that started the movement. How amazing would it be to be able to go back in time and see it all begin. Sigh. Some of you might, and if you have please share your experiences in the comments! I’d love to hear! They began something that would ultimately open up millions of people’s eyes and introduce them to a new way of thinking. It’s these new ideas of individuality, equality, peace, and love that has inspired so many. Including myself.

Second, today ‘hippie’ or ‘bohemian’ is more of a fashion trend than an actual movement. Those that are actually modern hippies don’t always follow those trends though. They dress how they want to and refuse to conform to what the norms are. While old hippies were easily recognizable, today the hippie could be someone in jeans and a t-shirt. No headbands, flip-flops, or bell bottoms required. In other words, hippie is no longer something that you can automatically tell about a person.

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Still wondering if you’re a modern hippie? Here are my signs you’re a hippie:

You’re unconventional

You don’t fit into societies norms and you really don’t want to. Hippies wear what they want, do what they want, and say what they want. They don’t worry about what others think of them, instead only worried about staying true to themselves.

You care about the earth and the environment

You realize that the Earth and its inhabitants are all connected and equal. Even if you don’t go zero waste or vegan, you have a deep need to try and leave the Earth in a better way than when you found it.

You have a fur baby

Animals are important to you. They are smaller, hairier family members that are just as special and unique as our actual human relatives.

You’re a free spirit

If you find your head in the clouds and dancing along to the tune in your mind, then you may be a modern hippie. Being a free spirit is one of the main signs you’re a hippie. It can envelope many of the other signs.

At some point you probably tried a drug

Hippies believe in having different states of mind. From different beliefs to actual different states of minds, hippies know that it is the way to open your mind to different ideas, cultures, and opinions. Although taking drugs isn’t necessary to be a hippie!

Reading is a hobby of yours

Everyone enjoys a good book. Hippies get lost in them though. They use them to expand their imagination and to escape reality for awhile.

You have an artistic trait

Whether its writing, poetry, or art most hippies have an artistic passion that developed at a young age. If you’re creative and love it, then odds are you’re a hippie.

What makes you a hippie? What are your signs you’re a hippie?

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