Letting Go: Getting Unstuck

Letting Go: Getting Unstuck

It’s been a crazy ride between a trip to visit family, spending time with my beautiful son, and aligning myself to my true calling, I’ve found myself stuck in the funk plenty of times. I’ve been plagued by a lack of motivation, by crippling depression, and by antagonizing anxiety. And some days I still relieve those feelings. Before, getting unstuck seemed like next to impossible.

I’d tell myself, “it’ll pass“, and would ‘patiently’ wait days for the negativity to subside. And by patiently, I mean I was too out of it to really realize what I was tolerating. The awesome thing is; you don’t have to just tolerate it. You can rise above it. You don’t have to wait for it to pass.

Get the ball rolling and get back out there! Getting unstuck begins with you. Some days it may be harder, but you don’t have to let life pass you by. Take back your power. Arm yourself for the future. And allow positivity to flow into your life.

Letting Go: Getting Unstuck: Get out of the Funk | Letting Go | Get unstuck | Depression and anxiety tips

The Key to Getting Unstuck is Figuring out What the Stick was

That’s right. The reason why you’re feeling gross and like your treading water is the key to getting your unstuck. Yes this means that you’ll have to dig into that open wound so that you can get to a place where it doesn’t ruin your stride anymore. Analyzing and getting these thoughts and emotions out is a sure fire way to start healing from them.

Don’t take that journey alone though, and if you know it will get worse as you begin to dive deeper, than arm yourself. Make an appointment with your therapist. Call your best friend and tell them that you’re going to need them to come over tonight. Ask your SO or even a family member to be there for you. If you’re like me, you can also sit down with a journal and get to writing.

Which ever way you decide to approach this with (or come up with one that would work better for you), be completely honest with yourself. Allow yourself to open up to the thoughts and emotions so that you can let them go. Take away the power of those words and give it back to yourself.

Check out my dispelling negativity ritual. It’s my go to way to cleanse negative thoughts, feelings, and attachment towards past events.

What You Put Out, You Receive

The universe has this amazing way of returning the intentions and feelings that you send out into it. While this can backfire (and especially when we’re stuck) it’s also the best way to get yourself unstuck.

  • Change the negative thoughts into positive ones.
  • Use positive affirmations.
  • Practice self-care!
  • Meditate on what you DO want in your life.

Align your intentions and sight on the things you want. Take back control of the negative lingering in your mind. You’ve got this!

Remember, when you’re getting unstuck you are never alone. Focus on letting go of what is slowing you down so that you can move forward. Create a support group (or join one) that you can go to when you feel yourself slowing down. Don’t let the funk keep it’s grasp on you for long!

Nathalie Bonilla | Minimalist Soul | Intuitive Life Coach | Soulful Wellness Coach

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