Setting Your Intentions & Being Purposeful

Setting Your Intentions & Being Purposeful

Good morning fellow minimalists! It’s been eight days and we have six left to go on our New Year’s Journey together! I don’t know about you, but I’m loving every minute of it. Seeing the way that you’ve been responding to what I have had to say lifts my heart and inspires me. I know I’ve said it again, but really and truly, thank you for reading my words!

Today, I want to talk to you about setting your intentions and being purposeful towards those intentions. As opposed to just going for your longterm goal (which is still awesome obviously), by setting your intentions daily you could be helping to bring a little extra spark to your daily life. It allows you to create daily mini ‘goals’ that can have grand, lasting impacts on your life. If you can successfully incorporate them into your life that is. By being purposeful in your actions, speech, or spending you are allowing yourself the best possibility to make these things happen.

Setting Your Intentions

The most efficient way to set your intentions is to do so each morning. What do you want today to hold for you? Basically, at its core, setting your intentions for the day is like setting a mini goal for yourself. You’re telling your mind, body, and soul what you want to manifest into your life. Some examples of intentions could include:

  • I intend to become more grounded.
  • I intend to be and to invite more positive energy into my life.
  • I intend to make a small difference.
  • I intend to be more honest with myself.

The intentions that you set for a day don’t have to be very detailed and they shouldn’t be. If you’re too specific with what you want to do then you’re not leaving yourself open for what else might happen. Unlike with setting goals or creating an action plan, when it comes to setting your intentions it’s best to be vague. Leaving an air of uncertainty allows for them to appear in your life the way you need them to. For example, if you say you want to be more honest with yourself that can come in the form of being more honest with what you want. Or it could mean being yourself more often. Or it could mean speaking up about what you want.

Setting Your Intentions & Being Productive to crush your daily goals and to be successful!

Be Positive

Your intentions should also be positive. It doesn’t necessarily always have to be geared towards the positive, but the way that you word your intentions shouldn’t be negative. Leave out words that have that gloomy or pessimistic feeling to them. Instead of saying “I intend to cut out negative, unnecessary people”, say “I intend to spend my time with those who are positive”. This leaves the door open for you to meet new people and even still talk to the old ones that may have fallen into the previous category. But, what makes it different, is that you are setting the intention to remove yourself if you feel that things are heading south.

The best time to set your intentions is in the morning or before a meditation. Either one allows for it to better stick into your mind and guide your actions for the rest of the day. Of course you could set your intentions the night before, but you may need to make yourself a little refresher in the morning. After setting your intentions you really want to reflect on what it means to you. Allow it to settle into your bones and your soul to help guide your subconscious for the remainder of the day.

Be Consistent

And set your intentions everyday! Even if it’s the same thing, remind yourself daily of what you want your intentions to be. They may change over time or you’ll be able to set your intentions more mindfully as you get more practice in doing so. But you need to be consistent with practicing this intentional mindset. You’ll see how setting them can set you on the right path and how it can even skyrocket your goal progress or productivity.

After you have set your intentions and know what all it entails for you, it’s time to actually move about your day and to try to make those intentions a reality. While the intentions that you set will mainly live in your subconscious, that doesn’t mean that you can’t help them out. To do that it will require a little more energy and focus by being purposeful.

Being Purposeful

Being purposeful in your actions will require a little more energy then setting your intentions did. While you can set what you intend to do for the day while you are still in bed, odds are you won’t be able to stay there if you want to bring them about. That’s where being purposeful comes in. You get out of bed, pick out your clothes for the day, and do whatever else it is that you need to do to prepare yourself. All of these come with a purpose. You can’t go to a meeting in your pajamas (if only there were still pajama days) and you can’t start your car without picking up your keys.

When it comes to following your intentions, you’ll have to come off of autopilot. Getting dressed, maybe grabbing some coffee, and getting the things you need to leave your house are all important steps but they’re automatic steps. You need to do these things. You’ve been doing them everyday for years.

To follow the intentions that you set you’ll need to make some conscious changes or efforts. If you are trying to avoid the negative, you’ll have to tell yourself to leave the situation and to not let it get to you. If you have made the intention to be more honest with yourself, you’ll need to make that extra effort to listen to your intuition or to observe what your heart is telling you.

It Applies to Everything in Life

Being purposeful extends from just your physical actions. It includes the things that you say, what you choose to spend your energy on, and what you choose to spend your physical resources on. These particular things don’t have to just follow your intentions though (although they couple together perfectly). Being purposeful with the way that you spend your money for example doesn’t necessarily go back to your daily intentions. I don’t wake up everyday setting my intentions on saving money but I also don’t go to the store and buy every cute blanket/sweater or amazing smelling candle I see (I’d be in big trouble but very relaxed and warm). I’m purposeful with my spending habits and buy things that I, or my little family, need. Do I wish I could impulse buy sometimes? Heck yes I do! Treat yo’ self 2017 comes to mind immediately, but I don’t.

Being purposeful in your actions can help you to achieve both the intentions that you set and your longterm goals. At its core, being purposeful and practicing a minimalist lifestyle go hand in hand. You do things, buy things, or interact with others in ways that directly enrich you. You’re not simply going after that quick reward, that little dopamine high, before going on to the next one. You are being intentional and purposeful in your actions and what you allow to entire into your little world. You’re only allowing in the things that will get you closer to what you want, rather than wondering and hoping you’re going in the right direction.

How do you practice setting your intentions and being purposeful? Do you think one is more important than the other?

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