Self Care with a Twist: Intention Candle Magic

Self Care with a Twist: Intention Candle Magic
I have a problem and I’m not afraid to admit it. I’m a candle lady. I can’t have just one…or two….or four… I need them all! Ok well maybe not all of them but I like having quite a few, but not because my house constantly smells! But because each candle has it’s own purpose, just like each crystal has it’s own speciality.
With each candle that I bring into my home, I anoint it and give it a different intention. With some candles, I do this more ceremoniously and with others I just think a few words and light ‘er up! No matter what though, what I’m practicing is nothing more than some candle magic.
The atmosphere that this creates though leaves me feeling hopeful and positive throughout the day. On mornings where I’m feeling a little low or not as grounded as I liked to be, I light my favorite candle (after brewing coffee of course).
I’ve found that these candles are the perfect addition to my self care routine. Not only does it help me to set my intentions and keep these important things in the forefront of my mind, but it helps to relax me and create a powerful atmosphere that enriches my entire home.

This is also called candle magic

Right? Setting your intentions, believing that what you send out is what is returned, and including fun tools (essential oils, candles, crystals, etc) is magic! Who knew right? But that’s how it works. Magic is nothing more than taking charge of your energy and using it in ways that amplify and concentrate it.
The misconception is that magic is only for witches. And that magic is something mysterious or inherently ‘bad’. The thing is, it’s just another word for synchronicity, setting your intentions, and getting in tune with the law of attraction.
Remember when we were younger and we believed in magic? We didn’t cringe at the word or think of wart-covered witches. Can we all please get back to that? Everyone needs a little magic in their lives!
For candle magic, or intention candles as I like to call them, you’ll need a few things, an open heart, and a clear mind. These candles have their intentions written into them, they’re anointed with essential oils, and then lit after a quiet meditation.
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What you’ll need: 

A pillar candle but I’ve also used big wide candles and just wrote on the top. It’s not the same effect but hey it works! Try adding some more essential oils half way through and rewriting your aspirations to keep your magic flowing strong!
A Paper clip or some other tool for you to write on candle
Essential oils of your choosing
If using a pillar candle, it doesn’t matter the size or width. White is preferable 🙂 if you’re feeling pulled to another color though than go with the flow!
If it’s something to do with love (for self or another) or connected to the heart chakra use cedar wood, rose, or eucalyptus.

Soul Alignment Time

What to write on your candle. Big question right but don’t read into it. If something immediately popped into your mind then go with it! When I get a new pillar candle I like to set it down in its new home and let it sit for a couple hours. There are three babies and a ton of different energies in our house so I like it to get aquatinted, I guess (does that make me weird? lol). Then when I get a few quiet minutes I take out my handy-dandy paper clip, bend it so I can writer on my pillar candle and always write the first thing that comes to mind. Sometimes I have to sit and meditate first. This is usually when I have too many ideas or nothing at all.
If you’re at a complete road block as to what to write after being extremely excited to start this than no biggie! Check in with yourself. How are you feeling? Are you overly tired or stressed? Would waiting a day or two help work out the funk?
Sometimes waiting a few days is even better than knowing right away! You’ll be walking around Target and BAM! You’ll know it immediately have to write a note to yourself somewhere.
Long story short, write the first thing that comes to your mind or if there is something you really want to focus on (like a personal goal or work-related goal). When you write it, make sure that you have a few minutes to really focus your heart and mind on what you’re writing.
Next step; anointing!

How to anoint your candle: 

There are two ways that you “can” anoint your candle. I’m a firm believer in following the flow, especially if you seem to just know what to do then do that. It would mean more to both you the process. The point of anointing this candle is to align your energy with what you’ve written. The essential oils not only smell amazing but vibrate at the same frequencies as your chakras. The color of the candle makes a difference too! I suggest white because it symbolizes new hopes, purification, intention, and goal orientation.
But, if you’re in a jam and just have no idea what to do or are afraid of doing it wrong (and trust me, I’ve been there!), I do have two suggestions:
If you write more than one intention or goal on your candle start in the middle of the pillar candle with one essential oil. It only takes a few drops but try to sprinkle them from the middle to top. Use a second essential oil from the middle to bottom. I then like to go back over the whole candle. This also works if you’re only using one essential oil, like I said before there’s no wrong way to do it!
If you’re using a candle that’s in a container of some sorts add a few drops of whatever essential oils align with what you’ve written or that are calling your name.
If you’ve only written a single intention or goal on your candle that’s awesome! I’d really suggest that you meditate with it and focus your energy towards the candle as you write on it and anoint it. You can use any mix of essential oils or a single one. You can also use the method I described above!

Now what?

Sit back and relax! After you’ve anointed and lit your candle, all you can do is enjoy it’s glow! Think about your intentions every time you light it and try to spend time near it so that you can smell the amazing essential oils you’ve added!
Let me know what candles you’re drawn to and what kind of spells you like casting!
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