Seeing Auras is Easier Than you Think

Seeing Auras is Easier Than you Think

When it comes to spiritual qualities, they’ve always come easy to me. As an indigo chid, I’ve always been very much in touch with my soul and with my empathic abilities. When I meet people I form an instant connection with them and know where they’re pain lies and how I can help if they so ask for it. As I began to listen to the call of my abilities, and to helping others, I poured myself into learning everything that I possibly could. This includes seeing auras. I’ve read almost every how-to, have discussed the topic in depth with those that can, and have spent hours (if not days and weeks) trying to learn how to do it myself.

It wasn’t until the other day that I was finally able to. And let me tell you. The how-to’s I were reading were helpful, but they aren’t for everyone. If you’ve been trying to master the art of seeing auras but with little luck, this might work for you.

The First Two Auras I Saw

The first time I saw an aura, I was very confused, closely followed my awe and a flood of internal peace.

Have you ever had those conversations where you feel like you can see the other’s soul (figuratively of course)? Those conversations that are usually reserved for late nights but instead you find yourself having them in the middle of the day, totally unprepared. The brutal honesty makes you feel naked and it’s more revealing then our most intimate of moments. It’s those vulnerable moments that are souls are showing, quite literally.

Well it was in the aftermath of one of those conversations, that I saw my first aura. We were still sitting across from each other, I was looking down as I typically do after being completely vulnerable. With our feelings completely out in the open and the energy turning to something more neutral now, the conversation had drifted to airy humor. It wasn’t like either one of us to be so transparent and while I had felt his soul before, I never felt like I could feel it so clearly.

That was until I looked over at him.

At first, I thought it was just a trick of the light. I couldn’t figure out why he was glowing. I mean my boyfriend was glowingWas it my contacts? No. Don’t think so. No matter how many times I blinked it was still there. I felt my face change from awkward staring to an intense smile. And for a second all I could say was “I can see it”. I was seeing his aura. I was seeing the indigo hue I always knew was there. I saw how far it spread out from his body in the way I had always felt it. I saw his aura. I literally saw his soul. And it was beautiful.

For a moment I just kept repeating that I could see it. What had changed? What had allowed me to finally see this and why in this moment? But I didn’t question it. I didn’t want to. That need to understand lifted and left me in bliss. This inner peace lingered for the rest of the day and through the following.

It was the next day that I was able to see an aura for the second time.

Last night, I was feeding my son his midnight feeding and casually looking around the dark room. I watched the cars that were going by and was amazed at how calm everything was. My mind was quiet as it usually is when it’s just Munchkin and I. Without thinking, I looked down at him.

And he was glowing. I couldn’t believe my eyes. For a moment, and even though I had seen it just the day before, I didn’t even realize what I was seeing. I marveled at the brilliance of this sleepy glow and studied it awhile longer before it clicked. I was seeing his aura. The world melted away.

The little human that grew inside of me, that I’ve carried, and kissed, and snuggled with, has a beautiful little soul. For a moment my mind was lost in the universe. In the way everything is so connected and in sync. I wondered how many times this soul entered this world and what forms it’s taken. And seeing it’s purply hue, I wondered what was in store for us.

What I Had Tried

I tried everything. I tried looking at my own aura every way that it was suggested how. The first time, I stood in front of a mirror with a white wall behind me. That didn’t work, nor did it work the countless times after when I had tried it. I tried seeing other’s auras; staring at them awkwardly waiting to see their color. Still nothing. The tips and tricks went on but nothing was working for me.

So admittedly, I had taken a break from attempting to see them. It was just frustrating me and I didn’t want to appear crazy if someone caught me staring. When I think about someone I get their color but I can’t see it. I know that doesn’t make sense, but I accepted it as the way that I would ‘see’ auras.

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Seeing Auras just Happens, you Can’t Force it

After seeing my Munchkin’s aura, I realized that seeing auras isn’t something that you can force. Like with everything, you can practice seeing them. Learn about what the colors mean so that when you do, you know what you’re looking at. But make sure you also enjoy the beauty of it. It’s truly someone’s glow. It’s not a fiery glow like you might think. It’s close to the body- while as high out as that person is currently feeling energetically.
The color you’ll see is closer still. And if the person is sleepy, then it appears a little faded. But still absolutely beautiful and breathtaking.

The crazy thing that I’ve noticed about life is that when you’re trying to force something to happen; it’s not going to happen. When you take a step back, set your intentions and allow the Universe to take it from there, that’s when things start to happen.

Manifest the Ability By Aligning Yourself to it

Seeing auras is as easy as believing that you can see auras. Not trying to. But believing that you can see them. Your body and mind will respond soon enough. Your soul is already equipped with the ability to see auras and figure out what the colors mean. Your body just has to catch up and the only way it can do that is if you believe in it’s ability to do so.

Seeing Auras 101

If you’re desperately trying to see auras, I would suggest the following steps.

Step 1. Stop trying. Set the intentions that you can and you will see auras.

Step 2. Make sure you don’t have any energetic blocks. Check in with your chakras (especially your third eye).

Step 3. Allow abundance and love to enter into your life.

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