What Are You Really Letting In? Practicing Being Present

It’s been so long since I’ve been able to make a post that I was beginning to forget how to write one! Just kidding, but really- I missed you guys.

Things have been busy in the lion cub household! With a move and a teething baby, I’ve been busy living life. Especially because in the last week I’ve promised myself to be more present.

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It’s been an eye opener really. Sometimes you think you’re living in the present when you’re really not. It’s so easy to think about tomorrow and what needs to be done. It’s even easier to think about the mistakes you made the day before or what you wish had gone differently. Our journeys are all so unique that we tend to forget that we need to pay attention to every step we’ve taken and to understand that each one that we’ve already made got us to where we are today.

While contemplating this one day after the lion cub fell asleep, I began to realize what kind of energy I have been inviting into my life. It’s been the “anxious for tomorrow” and “hasty with today” that has left me feeling exhausted. I needed to change that. So I did a quick little restart and asked myself “What am I letting into my life”. What am I allowing my mind to focus on when it could be doing something better?

Living in the moment is easier said then done. But there are ways to help us live in the moment. There are things that we can all do (in less than 30 minutes) that will take away the troubles of tomorrow and open up the possibilities of today.

Lucky for you though- I’ve done the hard work for you. I’ve figured out the fastest and best way to give your life a little jumpstart.

You don’t have to live with all that negativity and all the jitters of needing to get things done. Maybe I’m the only one who thinks like this. I think it comes with the territory of wanting to plan. But no matter who you are and what you do or how you think, you can benefit for examining what you’re allowing into your life.

Expel the negative energy

First step is to expel all the negative energy that’s been creeping in. Negativity is like ants. They get under the door, through any available cracks, and gnaw away at any sweetness you have just laying around- in this case, your positive energy. Sadly we can’t put ant traps out to banish away the blood sucking negative vibes.

Good news is through that banishing negative energy is easier and more fun then you would think! After a hard day, a rough visit with someone, or I just feel like the energy around me is stagnant, there are three things that I do.

Light candles



Easy enough right?

Sometimes instead of lighting candles, I like to set up my diffuser with a blend I made for myself- aka “my happy place”. I’ll sit by it and read, watch a TV show, or do some yoga. It’s a great way to bring yourself back into focus. And it never hurts to make your room smell pretty.

The point of lighting candles, incense, or turning on a diffuser is that you’re activating more sense to enjoy the moment. You’re drawing your mind off of the negative and welcoming into it something more positive. Dim the lights. Connect with your inner self and smell the positivity re-enter your life.

Meditating is the perfect way to bring everything back together. It reunites your body, mind, and soul and makes all the parts of you work together to achieve peace of mind. Recently, I’ve been doing thought flow meditations- something I hope to be bringing to my blog soon. So if you can’t quiet your mind, then no problem. You can still have a successful meditation session by letting the thoughts come and go as they please.

You’ll be surprised by what keeps coming up and lingers and what just leaves as quickly as it appeared. That being said, when you’re done meditating you’ll actually find that you don’t have the need to worry or think about those topics anymore. You’ve expelled those negative thoughts by allowing them to run their course.

Laughter is food for the soul. Whenever you’re feeling down the first thing that you should do is go to someone you know can make you laugh. It literally releases happy chemicals into brain and can help turn things around. When we are in negative situations or environment, laughter is the first thing that leaves. You may engage in fake laughing, but that doesn’t count.
To push away that negative energy, start off with some deep belly laughs. Even the little chuckles can start to push away the bad and welcome in the good instead.

Invite in the positive

Once again fellow minimalists, your vibe attracts your tribe. If you’re negative about things, then that will reflect in what comes into your life. When it comes to positive and negative energy, opposites don’t attract. Sorry! So, if you want have a happy, positive filled life, then you’re going to have to reflect that as well.

Invite in the positive by doing things that make you happy and that are true to who you are. Spend time with people that you love and that make you laugh. Open up the windows to your home, bring in some plants and let nature work it’s magic in your home.

Do some chakra exercises to open up your heart and soul to the positivity that is just waiting to come in.

I think it’s also important to say that the energy that you perceive as positive, can be different from someone else’s. Don’t judge your positive space based on others. Love your space and your vibe. Invite in the things that make sense to you and embrace your own happiness.

Make room for today

The last step to really checking in with what you’re letting into your life and how to get back in touch with living in the present is to make room for today. Stop worrying about tomorrow and what happened yesterday. Let go of the things you need to get done today as well! These thoughts have no space in our lives and only prevent us from really living how we want to.

I’m not saying blow off the things that need to get done. Please keep going to work and cleaning your space and doing the little chores that make daily life possible. What I am saying is to create time to do that and only that. We can’t multitask, no matter how much we wish we could. All we’re really doing is jumping from one task to another and living the original thing neglected until we revisit it.

This is where creating a schedule comes in handy. You won’t have to worry about getting the laundry done if you know that after this tv show you’ll do it. Schedules don’t have to be set at a particular time though. After I’ve had my lion cub, creating a schedule has been difficult- but that’s because I was enforcing something that doesn’t actually exist onto my child. So instead of trying to build a time sensitive schedule around someone who has no sense of time, I have a list of things that need to get done in an order that makes sense for us. For example, I wake up earlier than the baby, get work done until he wakes up, then I spend time with him, and then get the kitchen straightened up for breakfast. I don’t have a block schedule. I have a life schedule.

But doing this makes it much easier for me to live in the moment. I know that once he goes down for the night I can finish up my work. I know that after his late afternoon nap, I’ll have time to organize the house after whatever happens during the day.

Make room for today by setting up the boring tasks so they aren’t on your mind until you need to be doing them. You’ll also find that getting these things don’t take nearly as long as you would think if you just set time and energy aside to do them.

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