Realigning after a Roadblock

Realigning after a Roadblock

We’ve all been there. Something pops up and we’re knocked down. Flat. On. Our. Back. It happens but, I’ve always noticed that the bigger the roadblock, personal challenge, life lesson, what-have-you the closer you are to making a major breakthrough.

Getting to that breakthrough is marked by these challenges and frequent visits from our Shadow Selves, but I’ve found the easiest way to not lose motivation and to pick up where you may have fallen off is to realign with your initial passion. From there you can shift back into the dedication mindset that you once had and start trusting in the Law of Attraction again!

The Power of our Dedication (AKA Alignment)

Let me first explain why I say dedication instead of passion. Dedication is when we’re completely devoted to having something in our life. Passion, on the other hand, is the raw emotion we have for something. Passion is crucial for dedication but without dedication, something that we are passionate about doesn’t have a major place in our life. That doesn’t mean that we don’t care about it though so don’t get me wrong! But when that passion takes over, we become dedicated. That dedication is what allows us to align our soul with our purpose.

Our heads are down and our eyes locked on the prize when we are dedicated and aligned to what we’re trying to accomplish. It’s that dedication that we need to get to our breakthrough and to make things happen. A roadblock can rock that determination to the core though. My frequent roadblock is when my shadow self decides to show up and question if I really want to do something. Do I really think I can do that? Am I sure that that’s actually something I want to do or does it just sound cool.

When that little voice of self doubt comes though, I know it’s time to fall in love with it again. I need to reignite that flame of dedication for my passion. That way, I can get back on track and not lose anytime. Roadblocks are necessary and they aren’t wasted time. Sometimes we just need to learn just a little bit more before we could actually do it all!

Realigning Step One: Daydreaming + Relaxtion

Overcoming roadblocks and challenges is draining- especially when it’s something we’ve actually been avoiding or just refusing to learn. For instance,  I didn’t want to learn that I needed to let go and just trust the process. But getting back on track can be fun and it doesn’t have to be discouraging if you feel like you’ve wasted precious time. In fact, the perfect way to reward yourself for being strong is to rest, relax, and know that it’s actually part of getting back on track. Take a few days to practice some self-care so that you’re in the right mindset to get back on the horse.

Healing is part of it! Don’t rush it!

There’s no point in rushing back into the race before you’re ready. You’re just going to end up lame. Not taking care of yourself could actually be something that you need to work on, so if you’re finding that exhaustion or lack of focus is a roadblock, you might want to check in on your self-care routine! We can’t expect to do anything if we’re not listening to the clues of our own mind, body, and soul.

After taking some time off, it’s time to daydream!

Yes. Daydream. You read that right.

What we’re really doing when we daydream is making our goals and aspirations crystal clear. Some of the things that I daydreamed the most about when I was a child, were the things that now surround me in life- ahhh thank you Law of Attraction! Not only does this start the re-aligning process, but it also fights disappoint and false expectations. You already know exactly what you’ll be getting because you can see it.

Note: with that being said, it is important to be realistic. It doesn’t matter how many times I daydream about having a pet vegetarian- velociraptor. He won’t ever show up. Sigh.

Realigning Step Two: Journaling and Stepping Stones

I lose motivation and my touch with dedication relatively quickly. For every one thing I do or want to do, there are at least five other ideas that I’ve had. So by the end of the day sometimes, I feel like I’ve been chasing endless unimportant ideas.

The thing is, that’s completely untrue. Each idea is amazing and unique and important. Everything I chase is worth chasing. This year we’re beginning construction on our Tiny House, which had been a very ‘distant’ dream of mine for 5 years now. What I’m trying to say it; every dream is worth chasing. If you’ve got passion and dedication for something, then it’s important. And it’s worth pursuing.

But overcoming this roadblock was something that I had to do if I ever wanted to accomplish anything. So I found the easiest way to track endless ideas, coping mechanisms for other roadblocks, goals and their action plans, and just my general thoughts and feelings about some matters was to write it all in a journal. Well actually three journals, depending on the subject. Journaling wasn’t ever my ‘thing’ so it was a learning curve when I started my journaling practice but I’m proud to say I don’t feel awkward anymore.

In fact, I’ve found that journaling is an amazing way to align, realign, and stay aligned with our goals! When we write out intentions, we’re expressing that passion and dedication in a physical way. When we frequent these thoughts and feelings, our energy begins to align to it and ‘sync’ with it in a way. It ultimately leads you to manifesting these things into your life.

So, in your journal, write out your goals and intentions as often as you can remember to. Create an action plan to service as stepping stones so that if you stumble, you have a quick reference about what you ‘should’ be doing next. Even if you don’t revisit these journal pages often, there’s part of you that will remember what you wrote and how you were feeling in that moment in time. Writing out our action plans and how we’ve overcome past challenges is an amazing way to prepare for what lies ahead.

Realigning Step Three: Trust and Synchronicity

Having the power to be patient and trusting that you’re energy will be returned is just downright difficult. Especially when we’ve already been challenged. But it’s crucial. Like in any relationship, we have to have trust. This trust is a trust with ourselves. That we really can do this. It’s important to remember that life moves at it’s own pace sometimes and all we can do is prepare ourselves so that when we’re ready for it, it will appear. Sometimes we just need to overcome some other things first.

But. Don’t use this as an excuse to not do something. The only way you’ll know if you needed to learn something first is when you’re standing at the finish line, staring back at that weird obstacle and thinking “dang, I’m kinda happy that was there”.

Luckily though, the Universe sends us some clear signs when we’re on the right (or wrong) track. This little messenger is synchronicity. Oh I can’t express how much I love experiencing it. It’s something you should never take for granted but also don’t crumble if you’re not ‘seeing the signs’. It happens when we’re not looking for it.

What is synchronicity? It’s when we’re right where we’re supposed to be. You can experience it in the form of repeating numbers, positive reoccuring dreams (for the week before moving across country I dreamed of flying every night), all green traffic lights, “luck”, “coincidences”, etc etc. I think the easiest way to know if you’ve experienced it is this: did it leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling? If yes and it seems like it was meant just for you, then it probably was!

Stay Strong, Beautiful!

Stumbling happens. To everyone. All the time. But preparing to stumble by creating coping mechanisms, practicing self-care, and keeping an action plan and intentions handy can help prevent you from staying stuck. Stay strong and dedicated to your passions. Trust that you’re hard work is enough. It’ll manifest.

Any always remember: you deserve every possible form of abundance!

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