New Logo, New Energy, New Minimalist Soul

New Logo, New Energy, New Minimalist Soul

So last week I announced big changes at Minimalist Soul. I hope you’re as excited as I am about it all!

This week I’m making the transition to a new logo. You can see it above and soon on my social media accounts. I’m so hoping that you’ll also feel my healing vibes through my words and through the images that I’ll be sharing. I’ll be including fun chakra recipes, rituals to release negative energy, and even guidance to take advantage of the phases in the lunar calendar.

Minimalist Soul

New Logo for Minimalist Soul

I’d like to explain a little about why there is a raven in my logo. Ravens get a bad rap. Most people see them as a negative messenger. They can be seen as a messenger of death. Honestly, they’re the complete opposite.

Ravens are cunning. They’re intelligent and they have amazing memory. Seeing one is actually a good sign as it might symbolize abundance in your near future.

They also have a very special meaning to me. A raven is my spiritual guide. When I see one, I know I’m heading in the right direction. My choices are leading me down my path. It excites me to see these incredible birds.

New Energy at Minimalist Soul

I’ve always promoted positive energy. Positive energy cal literally change the world. Concentrating it and sending it out to someone, can change their day. Adding crystals to your home and burning incense can improve the positive energy there. Writing stresses and watching them burn, does release negative energy.

That being said I’m not going to change the positive vibes that you can find here. I never would. But now you’ll find more advice on how to curate positive energy and how to actively pursue it in your life.

Most of what I’ll be talking about will have a spiritual spin on it. After all, unlocking your energy systems can and will bring about a spiritual renewal. The same can be said about tapping into the Earth’s spirit.

**Quick time out. I’m SO excited to show everyone what I have in store. It’s going to be so amazing and will help anyone with an open mind to really dive into their spirituality by reconnecting with nature. Ok back to the post!**

New Minimalist Soul

When I first created Minimalist Soul, I wanted to help people in their everyday life. And I still do. But in a different way.

The soul is something that’s invisible to most of us. We can’t see it and it’s not something that you typically hear about keeping healthy. But if your soul is sick then everything else will be sick too. It’s not like if you get a cold but your brain is fine.

When your soul is experiencing a blockage then it will reflect in every aspect of your self.

So why “Minimalist Soul”? The soul doesn’t need much. It needs food, understanding, and connection. Minimalism tackles the basis of what our soul needs; the things that truly matter. But we need more than that. We need to get back to nature.

Humanity has lost touch with the Earth. We live in homes that have floors and air conditions. Most people don’t even know where their food comes from. Water magically appears from our faucets. We no longer walk the earth barefoot, sleep under the stars, and embrace the sun’s warm rays.

Our souls need this. And it’s difficult knowing where to start that journey. Which is why Minimalist Soul is being reborn. I’m here to be your guide towards a spiritual renewal by embracing nature’s healing abilities.

Minimalist Soul Banner

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