New and Improved Minimalism Challenge Part 2

New and Improved Minimalism Challenge Part 2

Part two and another 15 day to go! What did you think about the first 15 days? Ready for the next set?

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can check out the first part of this challenge here! Again, thank you for all the love for the first challenge and I hope that you enjoy this new and improved 30 day Minimalism Challenge! Make sure that you also check out the

to your first clean out! Here’s a little peak at the cover. Inside you’ll find a copy of the challenge, a decluttering checklist, and the system that never fails me!

Mini Minimalism Guidebook Cover

But let’s get back to the new Minimalism Challenge!

Days 16-30

Day 16: Don’t Watch ANY Reruns. Actually, I really challenge you to not watch any reruns for the next 15 days. I fall into the hole of putting reruns on in the background while I’m working or after munchkin man has gone to sleep. But instead of going to watch something you already know, try something new and branch out! I got tired of being too lazy to find a new show- because let’s face it, we’re being lazy *sigh*. I actually found that instead of putting something on tv, we’re listening to music more instead! It’s definitely changed our day in a really positive way.
Day 17: Second Clean Out Day! Go through your home again, you’ll be surprised by how many things survived the last round. If you’re using the Mini Minimalism Challenge, now is the day to check out your Save for Later boxes! Use this day to visit any places that you know you may have avoided or not been able to get to before.
Day 18: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Honestly this is one of my favorite days. It’s also something that you should keep in mind for the entire duration of your clean out. We repurpose all kinds of things in our home and keep the thought of reusing items that we no longer need in mind in our day-to-day life. The tricky part is, don’t hang on to something for a “future use”. Repurpose it now or have very clear plans for it in the near future. I do have a confession to make. I drop everything and immediately go into creation mode when I think of something. It’s a nice break too- especially if you’re getting tired of going through old boxes.
Day 19: Self-Care Day! Going through everything, both physically and emotionally is draining. Take today to take care of yourself! Be present in what you do and try to make meditating or doing some mindful movement a priority. Self-care doesn’t have to be taking a bubble bath, it’s anything that you do with the intention of taking care of yourself, so really the possibilities are endless!
Day 20: Creating a cleaning game for the less exciting tasks around the house always make the day go by faster! Get some water guns or create a point system to knock out the vacuuming or dusting in a way that won’t make you just want to veg out instead.
Day 21: No notifications for a whole day! Get in the notification enter in your phone and turn off all the major notifications. On top of that, try to avoid looking at your phone or opening up the screen to see if you have something new.
Day 22: Clean the jun drawer! In my recent clean out, I emptied all the junk drawers on the kitchen counter. I grabbed a box and labeled it “Random Tools” and put everything that I knew we couldn’t get rid of in there. The things that started with “well one day”, I immediately put into a donate box. Those are the things where “that one day” probably wont’ come, and when it does you’ll forget that you had it anyway.
Day 23: Zen Out: 10 min meditation. Meditating isn’t for everyone, trust me there are still days where I don’t want to do it. But, it’s amazing for mental health and for overall wellness too. If sitting down isn’t for you, try yoga or another form of mindful movement instead.
Day 24: Go outside! It may still be cold out, but even getting out for a car ride through town is good. Get back with nature if at all possible and get your bare toes in the dirt!
Day 25: Garage day. Need I say more? It’s my least favorite day because I’m very much a “out of sight, out of mind” kind of person. The good side of the garage is that sometimes, I don’t even bother going through the box. If it’s a bunch of random clothes or shoes, I know I haven’t missed anything in it, so someone else could use it more instead.
Day 26: Share your pics with me #myminimalistsoul! I want to see all your progress! Use #myminimalistsoul so I can see your before and after, or maybe some of your journal entries for the emotional minimalism section from the Mini Minimalism Guidebook.
Day 27: Do something kind for a stranger that you wouldn’t normally do. If you already smile or hold the door open, then do something else! It may not seem like much but it could mean a lot to someone else’s day, and it always feels good to do something nice for someone else!
Day 28: Donate Everything! Yep, today is the day! It’s time to take your things to find a new home. I always like to take my things to a family shelter or a Salvation Army. I just like knowing that it’s going to people who need it the most and that warms my heart.
Day 29: Share this with a friend. Sharing is caring. While you don’t have to dive head first into a minimalist lifestyle, you can definitely benefit from a cleaner, clutter-free home! Show them your progress and challenge a friend to do the new and improved 30 day Minimalism Challenge!
Day 30: Be present. Ahhh 30 days. I loved our time together and I hope you benefited from the Mini Minimalism Guidebook! Today, be present in your clean, decluttered home. Spend time with your friends and/or family. Whatever you end up doing, be present. Forget about the worries of tomorrow, only think of what is going on in the current moment of time.
What’d you think of the challenge?? How much did you clean out? Let me see your clean out! I really want to see your brand of minimalism and what a happier home looks like to you!

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