New and Improved 30 Day Minimalism Challenge Part 1

New and Improved 30 Day Minimalism Challenge Part 1

I am so grateful for all the love that y’all have been showering on the 30 Day Minimalism Challenge! To thank you, I dived a little deeper into minimalism to improve it to bring you a new and improved 30 day minimalism challenge! Oh and did I mention that I also created a Mini Minimalism Guidebook for you to download? Yep 😃

I spent so much time thinking about how you could make the most out of minimalism in 30 days that this article is actually a two parter (the second one will be posted on Thursday)! I really wanted to explain each one and show you some pictures from our most recent clean out. It’s crazy how much stuff we accumulate even when we’re not trying to.

My goal with this challenge is that by the end of the 30 days, you’ll know what minimalism means to you. Minimalism looks different to everyone, it all just depends on what you deem necessary and not. When you go through your home keep an open mind and be honest with yourself about what you have.

But without further ado, the New and Improved 30 Day Minimalism Challenge:
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What you’ll be doing:

Day 1: Connect with Someone. After doing 20+ clean outs in the past 3 years from moves and lifestyle changes, there’s a constant challenge; the emotional value that we place on an object. Before trying to clean out your home, sit down with a loved one or friend and truly connect with them. Have a deep conversation and listen to hear rather than to respond. Make a memory 😃

Day 2: Thank Someone. Tell someone thank you from the heart. Let someone know that you not only recognize that they do something nice for you, but that you really appreciate it. Let someone know how grateful you are to have them in your life!

Day 3: Download your Checklist. Yay! The checklist (and a copy of the challenge you can print out, oh and a guide to emotional minimalism) can be downloaded onto your computer from here. You can then start working on some of the entries and get prepared for the rest of the 30 day minimalism challenge!

Day 4: Be Purposeful. With everything that you do today, be purposeful. Be purposeful in your conversations, in the work that you do, and in the random small things that you do. Try not to zone out, instead live your life consciously.

Day 5: Go Through all Bedrooms! And finally we are getting down to the cleaning and de-cluttering! Whoop whoop! The bedrooms are where you’ll probably find the most stuff, well besides the garage. Take out all your drawers, turn out your closet, and tackle any corners (or under the bed) where things could be hiding! Follow the guide while you do so and make sure you have plenty of boxes or bags to pack stuff up to donate later!

Day 6: Try Something New. Get outside of your comfort zone today and try something new! A new restaurant, make different food (I think I might be getting hungry lol), a new outdoor activity, or board game. Anything! Just try something new!

Day 7: Watch a Documentary. Obviously I’d suggest the Minimalism documentary on Netflix but any social-themed documentary is a good idea. Of course this is only a suggestion. The idea here is to learn something new and to expand your mind a little. The means is up to you.

Day 8: Just for Today: Don’t Worry. Don’t let anything disturb you today. If you feel the worry and anxiety rising, take a deep breath and tell it to take a backseat for tomorrow. I’m not saying bottle it up. But let go of what doesn’t need to be over thought and approach in a calmer manner the things that do require your attention.

Day 9: Read Something. Grab a book or find an extra long article to read today. Extra points if it’s a physical book and not something on your phone or laptop!

Day 10: Try Some Positive Affirmations. Check out some positive affirmations and find something that resonates with you. Write it down where you’ll see it today and revisit it a couple of times through the day. Let it’s message sink in and create a positive mindset around it.

Day 11: Let all the Natural Light in! Throw open all the curtains and open all the blinds today. Let in all the natural light and limit your exposure to artificial light. This evening, have the lights low and the tv off, see if it creates a change in your sleep.

Day 12: Write yourself a letter of forgiveness. Yep you read that right. Forgive yourself for anything that you’ve been holding against yourself. Get into this! Sit down and think about it. Especially if nothing pops up, there’s something in there. Nothing is too small. For example, I forgive myself for saying sorry all the time and work on it instead of scolding myself for when I say it when it’s not necessary.

Day 13: Meal Plan this Week. Stop buying things you don’t need, including food! Instead of going and getting things, meal plan your meals and snacks this week. Create a grocery list from there and when you go to the store, only get those things!

Day 14: Make a Gratitude List. Today write down ten things that you are grateful for. I actually create a gratitude list every other day. Practicing gratitude is so empowering. Your mind starts to appreciate what you have more than if you simply didn’t recognize your appreciation.

Day 15: Get a Houseplant! Oh yes I’m telling you to add something to your home, isn’t that a no-no? No! It’s about spending your money on the right things. Plants are amazing for your home and. Can help bring more positivity to it.

Well there it is: Part 1 of the new and improved 30 day Minimalism Challenge! Are you feeling excited and pumped? Let’s do this!

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