Make a Morning Routine that Works

Make a Morning Routine that Works
It’s Monday already! Back to work, school, and the daily grind! I know you’re excited! Yes that’s sarcasm. Even when you absolutely love your job, sometimes it’s just hard to get going in the morning.
I’m an overly happy morning person and I still can’t say that every morning I am absolutely thrilled to roll out of bed and get going. It can take hours before I actually want to be productive and I’m sure that you can say the same. On those days coffee is my best friend but sometimes its just not enough.
Creating a morning routine and sticking to it can improve the start to your day, everyday. As it becomes a habit, your body will naturally be up for the challenge and you may even feel yourself starting to turn to the dark side… of being a morning person!
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Wake Up Earlier

Sounds a little backwards right to start off a new morning routine by waking up earlier? Well if you wake up earlier, you give yourself more time to get your day started. Commit to waking up a hour earlier for at least two weeks. That way you can really see how it can benefit your overall morning routine.
The best part about waking up earlier is that you will now have time to work all of these other awesome tips into your morning!

Drink Water

As soon as you wake up don’t just reach for your coffee pot. While it’s perking, drink down a whole glass of water. It kick starts your metabolism, wakes up your organs, and most importantly, tells your brain that it’s time to wake up.
Dehydration can create a mental fog. If you don’t drink some water when you wake up, after sleeping for at least five or six hours, you’re settling into the dehydration fog. It will set you back for the rest of the day. Our bodies and minds can’t function properly without it. Sometimes just drinking water alone can wake you up better than a cup of coffee.


Yes, once again I’m suggesting that you meditate. Meditation brings your mind into the moment. It can help you to collect your thoughts and focus them on where they need to be. In the morning it’s the perfect way to make sure that you aren’t starting off your day with a frazzled mind.
Each day I start off with 15 minutes of meditation. Doing so makes me feel lighter and inspired to start the day. I leave my meditation spot with a clear mind that’s ready to tackle the events of the day that’s ahead of me. Adding meditation to my morning routine is what changed the game for me. Waking up earlier just gave me more times on my lazy day to not get out of bed. Drinking water just made me hungry. But by adding meditation I actually gave my brain a chance to start working the way I expect it to.

Yoga or Stretch

Yoga isn’t for everyone but its easy enough to do some simple stretches. It wakes up your body, shakes out the joints, and lets your meditation refreshed brain connect with your body. Spend a few minutes touching your toes or reaching for the ceiling. Find the areas in your body where it needs the TLC and focus on them.
Get your body feeling loose and relaxed for whatever you have planned ahead of it. By getting your blood pumping your helping your body to wake up. The perfect morning routine is all about waking up every aspect of your body. This includes your muscles and limbs.

Feed Your Body

By the time you’ve had some water, meditated, and did some stretching/yoga then you should be feeling your stomach start to stir. In the morning especially, think of your food as fuel for your body. I hate to be the one to tell you that a donut may not be the best option when it comes to trying to get yourself moving.
Instead pick something out that’s going to give you an energy boost. Whole grains and a piece of fruit are an awesome option to get your body going. If you have a particular morning meal though that makes your heart and soul happy, then go for it. Even if it’s not the healthiest, if it satisfies your hungry and helps you have a better morning, then go for it!

Look at Your Prepared Schedule

If you don’t create a schedule in advance for yourself it can be difficult to have the motivation to get up and get things done. Take five minutes the night before to make a schedule on your phone or somewhere you know you’ll see it. When the morning comes around you already know basically what you need to do for the next day.
But you’ll also know the time that you should be beginning a new task. That’s the beauty of a pre-made schedule. Make sure that you’ve included all of your morning rituals on it, when you need to leave the house for work, and any other errands that you need to get done that day.

Set Your Intentions

Setting your intentions sets up your mindset for the rest of the day. You’ve already taken care of your body and mind by feeding it and giving it some meditation time, now use this time to set your intentions to feed your spirit.
Learn more about setting your intentions and having a day full of purpose here.
 Even if you only set the intention to have a good day, you’ll be telling yourself how you want the day to go. If you want to be productive, tell yourself that. It’s a way of letting your mind know what is important to you and it allows you to really concentrate on that one task for the rest of the day.

Read Something

While avoiding your social media at all costs in the morning is a good idea, it’s an even better one to read something. Get your mind moving by reading some news or an interesting article (like this one). Learning something new keeps your mind young and can inspire you to do something new that day. It doesn’t take very long to read a single article or to read a chapter from your book.
If you need a new one, check out our Week In-Review here where I have my own book suggestion.
If you have a gratitude journal, diary, or prayer journal now may also be a good time to add in some time with that. Get your brain juices pumping! It’s in the morning when our creativity is fresh from a long night’s rest. You may find that it’s also the best time to be honest when it comes to these kinds of writings.

 Make a Morning Routine that Works for You

Since we are creating a morning routine that works for you, and no one else, mix and match these options. Try different orders or even add in something that you know will benefit you. The thing you have to remember about making a morning routine that will work is that no one can make you get up and do it. When you combine all of these you have all the tools you need to actually make a morning routine that will work for you!

What habits do you have in the morning that get you going and functioning? Is there anything that you swear by? Besides coffee of course!
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