How to Make an Alter or Sacred Space

How to Make an Alter or Sacred Space

When I first began to venture deeper into my spirituality, I stumbled across Wicca and my heart has never recovered. It introduced me to personal totems, crystals, incense, and tarot cards, ultimately leading me to find my purpose. After years of practicing there was always something that I had struggled with. It wasn’t until earlier this year that it finally clicked. Well in this scenario, it didn’t click, it just happened. I had googled “how to make an alter” and “how to make a sacred space” countless times, never finding quite what I was looking for.

But, now I hope that if you’re finding your way and have googled the same phrase that I did all those years ago, this can be a guide to you.

How to make an alter or sacred space | How to make an alter | Intuitive life coach | My minimalist soul | Nathalie Bonilla | Open Eye Connection

There is no right or wrong way

A quick google search of “what should I have on my alter” will leave you with over a thousand different results. Each result will be a different list full of different items that may not have been on the previous result. And when you’re a beginner it can be very confusing. Who actually knows what they’re talking about? Whose ideas align with yours?

To cut through this confusion, stop searching for answers. The answers are actually already inside of yourself but you’re muddling them with everyone else’s ideas. Your alter, meditation room, sacred space, etc has only one purpose and that sole purpose is to serve you. For some people that means they need a quiet space with muted colors. For others, it means there’s loud music and funky, vibrant colors. Either way, as long as it serves you then you are doing it the right way.

How to make an alter or sacred space | How to make an alter | Minimalist Soul | My minimalist soul | Open eye connection | Nathalie Bonilla

There is no such thing as too much or too little

Knowing how to make an alter or any other sacred space is simple. Once you do it once, you won’t ever struggle with it again. I struggled for years until one day I woke up and just started moving. I didn’t think during the process, I just did it. I have all of my crystals and personal totems on my alter. At first I thought it was too much, until I realized that who cares that they’re all over the place? They move from different places around my house, to different bags and counters, but they always find the place they need to be at.

When it comes to making your own sacred space, there is no such thing as too much of something or not enough of something. As long as it makes you smile and you fix anything that feels off, you can’t go wrong!

Do what feels right

I’ve looked at hundreds of pictures of alters, meditation rooms, and other sacred spaces. Each one gave me a dash of inspiration and a sprinkle of confusion. I loved what they included in theirs but did I have to have it in mine? The answer is no. Just because I have white sage on my alter doesn’t mean that you have to have some on yours.

I’ve found that the best alters and set ups happen over time. Objects find their way to the space, out of the space, or into a different spot all on their own. When I feel it’s time to add or remove, or start from scratch, I gather everything I think I should include nearby. One item at a time I place it where I feel it needs to be. I leave off what doesn’t feel right and get anything I may have missed. I suggest meditating or doing some grounding exercises before this so that you can really hear your intuition.

How to Make an Alter or Sacred Space | Make an Alter or Sacred Space | Meditation Room | My Minimalist Soul | Nathalie Bonilla

Fall in love with it

No matter what your alter or sacred space looks like, if you love it, then it’s perfect. The end. End of story. If you love your alter or sacred space (or anywhere really) then it’s perfect! It should be space where when your eyes wonder over to it, it can bring you a sense of peace and prosperity. If after you make an alter or sacred space and it gives you any kind of negative vibe, then consider moving some elements around, purifying the area, or meditating and revisiting it.

What do you include when you make an alter or sacred space? Add a picture, let me see what your shade of peace is ☺️

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