Love Where You Are Now; Not Where You Will Be Tomorrow

Love Where You Are Now; Not Where You Will Be Tomorrow

Before you read any further, can you do something for me? Check in with your body. Where are you currently? How are you feeling in this instant right now? Where do you stand financially? How’s your health right now?

Ok, now feel free to move on. Keep these feelings in your mind as you do so. Keep yourself grounded in this moment instead of thinking about what happened earlier in the day or what you have to do tomorrow.

Food for thought…

Love where you are in your journey right now because you won’t see the beauty and your progress until you do. You won’t see how far you’ve come. You won’t see the vast amount of love and connection that surrounds you. It will become lost in the hustle of tomorrow or next week.

Fall into the arms of your lover. Kiss them like it’s the last time you’ll kiss them. Sing to them like it’s the last time you can share that secret song you have for them.

Be grateful for the job that you have and what it does for you now. Acknowledge where you want to be but don’t let it drag you down.

Cherish the body and mind you have right now. Tomorrow it could all change. So love yourself and where you’re at in your journey right now rather than thinking about what needs to change or what should be.

The only thing that should matter right now is your heart beating and your soul is guiding you home.

Love Where You Are now; Not where you will be | Be present | Minimalist Soul | Stay grounded | Nathalie Bonilla

How to Love Where You Are Now

It’s not always easy not to dwell on the incongruence in our life. It’s actually a lot easier to think about the places you want to be, the health you want to have, or the career that you’ve always dreamed of. To look at where you are now and to realize that it’s the best that it has been takes courage. You’ve been through darker days. You’ve survived those days. And even if earlier in this day was dark, it’s not anymore.

Love where you are in your journey so that you can move forward. If you don’t love and appreciate where you are now, you won’t love and appreciate where you are in the future.

Gratitude and grounding exercises are the best ways that you can keep yourself in the present moment. They can also be done anywhere and can even aid when you feel your anxiety rising.

If something in particular keeps ruining this peaceful and gratifying practice for you, forgive yourself for it. Maybe it’s time to really address this issue. If it’s a particular anxiety, get the bottom of why it keeps occurring. Don’t like people, maybe its a fear of judgement? Are you self-conscious, how much do you appreciate your body? Reflect on these things so that you can release that negativity and move into a place where you can love where you are now.

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