Are you a Hippie Souled Introvert?

Are you a Hippie Souled Introvert?
A what?? Let me explain.
I never fit in growing up. There was nothing about me that truly clicked with most of the people around me. I was different in the Fantastic Mr. Fox kind of way aka the best kind of way. And I still am. I dance to the beat of my own drum and I don’t necessarily follow societal norms.
Well when you’re a child and constantly being told you’re wrong or you should be doing/feeling something else, you begin to inherently feel like there’s something wrong with you. At least I did. It led me down a spiral of confusion that transformed into anxiety and then further mutitated into depression. And I lived like that for as long as I can remember. Up until three years ago. It was then I underwent a spiritual awakening that brought me to where I am today.
Now the ego is different from knowing your soul. Your ego is the prideful voice inside of you, while your soul is that beautiful light that dwells within you and attempts to guide you in the right direction. It isn’t until you begin to listen to it then you can have your own spiritual awakening, but that’s not what this blog post is about.
It’s about us hippie souled introverts, indigo children, gypsy, warrior goddesses/gods. And how to identify if that’s what you are. Growing up in a world, knowing I’m different but not fully understanding why was a challenge to me. I was so grateful for these characteristics as I am today.
But forget about me! How many of these traits do you have?

You’ve suffered from a mental illness.

From anxiety to depression to maybe even bipolar disorder, at some point along the way you’ve probably earned this title, whether it was by yourself or by a trained psychiatrist. Mental illnesses can be caused by numerous different things but for those who are hippie souled introverts, it’s most likely because you’ve been ignoring your soul’s calling. Now I’m not discrediting what you’re feeling. No way. I still suffer from bouts of anxiety and some days I don’t want to do anything. But. What I am saying is that living a soulfully wellness based life can greatly help to work through these things. Spiritual awakenings hurt. But nothing positive can come from living in your comfort zone right?

You’ve dabbled in mind altering substances.

As cliche as it might sound for a hippie to try some drugs or drink, it’s the truth. Hippie souled introvertsvare curious things. We might be a little timid but when it comes down to it, we’re also incredibly adventurous. Who isn’t curious about what Alice was feeling on her journey through wonderland? Or who doesn’t want to laugh until they can barely breathe? Maybe not all hippie souled introverts, but some. It’s the allure of trying something new and experiencing something that’s a little rebellious- after all if they tell you not to hit the big red button, what are you going to do?

You have a love- hate relationship with people.

It’s not that you don’t like everybody, it’s that you don’t like dealing with people. You end up feeling drained or tired after spending long times around others. You don’t like meaningless conversations or honestly you just don’t feel like putting pants on. But at the same time you absolutely love people. You love seeing your friends and family happy. And let’s face it, once you’re adopted by an extrovert when y’all hang out, it can be hard not to keep talking.  We’re picky with what humans we want to spend time with and it’s completely understandable! But we would like to see everyone happy at the end of the day.

You know you’re not here to pay bills and die.

Climbing the corporate ladder isn’t necessarily for us. While we will probably find success there, it doesn’t ignite our soul. We find jobs that make us happy, whether by doing something that’s completely unique to us and finding joy in it or finding a job that allows us quite a bit of personal freedom so we can live how we want. We aren’t meant to pay bills and die. We’re meant to be beings of light and love and to experience everything possible while we have the chance. Unless it makes you excited, it won’t end up working for you. If only I knew that before going through a multitude of jobs that would bury me deeper into my depression when I could’ve been doing something else.

You’re usually the one to end relationships.

You’re a ride or die when you feel absolutely connected to someone. But change is inevitable, especially for you. If you’re not with someone who wants the same things out of life as you do, you feel the internal struggle of should I stay or should I go. Your tender heart is extremely loving but it can get you into trouble.

Traveling is at the top of your to-do list.

Experiencing and seeing new things is at the top of your list of things to do. You’re more interested in creating memories than building up a collection of things. After all, all you can take with you is memories.

Bare feet are the best feet- am I right?

Well there’s something about clothes in general that can sometimes turn you off. From walking through the grass to walking through a stream, we love to feel the ground beneath us. It’s actually incredibly therapeutic and essential if you want to ground yourself. If you’re a hippie souled introvert you’re just naturally drawn to it. Even the most tender-footed can’t resist the urge to feel at least the sand between their toes! You can always vacuum out the car!

You’re deeply in love with nature and/or animals.

This goes hand-in-hand with loving to have bare feet. You love nature and your introverted side would rather spend time with your pets then with other people sometimes- oh I’m sorry, other humans, pets are people too! You recognize how important it is to get back in touch with nature and sometimes it’s the best cure.

There’s probably a collection of rocks, crystals, or totems somewhere in your house.

These items are totems that you’ve collected along the way that you just couldn’t leave behind. They tend to find their way to a particular place in your house and it would just feel wrong to move them from their new home. If you use crystals or feel the power from your more personal totems, then you know about the amazing healing properties that they can have.

You’re drawn to the stars and moon.

Even if you’re not an astrology fan and you don’t follow your horoscope, there’s something about the stars and our lunar neighbor that has captured your body and soul. Warm summer nights call your name and invite you to watch them twinkle into view and cool winter evenings brings thoughts of the aoura borealis.

You’re an empath.

One of the main reasons you don’t like spending large amounts of time around other people is that they literally drain you of your energy. When you’re an empath, you can feel what others are feeling. It can beat you down and end up feeling slow and tired. It’s a gift being an empath. And it’s definitely a tell tale sign of a hippie souled introvert.
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So what do you think? Do you have a hippie soul? What other traits do you think characterize hippie souled introverts?
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