Give Your All Every Single Time, Even When it Doesn’t Deserve it

Give Your All Every Single Time, Even When it Doesn’t Deserve it

We still have a few weeks before 2018 but this realization knocked me down and I didn’t want to wait to implement it. I was reflecting on the year and what I could’ve done better so that I can better prepare for this next year.

As I was reflecting, a single thought kept coming to mind, no matter what area of my life I was examining. And that’s that I don’t always do my best every time I attempt something. It’s not something I’m proud of and definitely something I don’t like admitting, but it’s something I struggle with. Something I won’t settle to struggle with anymore.

Give your all every time even when it doesn't deserve it | New Years Resolution | Open Eye Connection | Minimalist Soul | Nathalie Bonilla

Give Your All Every Time

I’ve always been the person who didn’t have to try very hard to get what I wanted. Grades in school? They were a piece of cake. I never studied. I rarely did my homework, and assignments were saved to the night before to complete. But I always ended up with A’s, much to the disappointment of some of my classmates. A new job? Astoundingly enough, I’m not as awkward as I feel and every time I’ve needed a job I’ve had one in a couple of weeks. And *if* I admitted I needed help with something, I would receive it.

While I’m extremely grateful for all of these things, it’s still a double edged sword. Because, sadly, something too easy isn’t worth doing, which means I can get out of doing homework and being successful, but now I don’t have those coping mechanisms involved with putting in time with grunt work. The things that I want in my life now involve hard work and time. Both of which I’ve never been too interested in. And when I’ve pursued things in the past that I didn’t truly want to do, I failed. But I didn’t fail because I didn’t do the task. I failed because I didn’t put my heart and soul into the task.

When you don’t have to struggle to do something, you don’t understand the struggle of the struggle. The coping mechanisms simply aren’t there. With me, I tend not to fully apply myself. After all, I can’t “truly fail” if I didn’t try my hardest right? Yeah, I don’t think that’s how that actually works.

So, now I’m having to change my belief from “If I want something I need to go out and do it” to “I’m going to give my all every time. Even when every time doesn’t deserve it”.

But Why Even When it Doesn’t Deserve It?

It’s so important to monitor where we spend our energy so that we can find where we are exerting ourselves and not seeing a return. Don’t get me wrong, you shouldn’t do things expecting a return, but as we give to the Universe, the Universe gives back in some form.If exhaustion or heartbreak is the return then we need to make a change. The same way that if we’re pouring ourselves into building a sandcastle but the sand won’t stick together or the tide keeps washing it away and it’s just not working, then maybe you should go about it some other way. Add more water or move further up the beach. If you’re not seeing a return change the way you’re going about it or take a step back and see if it’s something you truly want.

Either way though, the only way you know the answer to these questions is if you try it at least once. Think you might be interested in sculpting? Don’t just talk about it or read about it, go to the hobby store. Try it once! You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Give it your all too so that later when you’re thinking back on it, you can’t say “I wonder”. I wonder what could have been. I wonder if I would’ve been good at that.

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