Full Moon Magic: Dispelling Negative Energy & Attracting Positive Energy

Full Moon Magic: Dispelling Negative Energy & Attracting Positive Energy

Hands down, one of my most favorite things about the full moon is that when I go to bed, my room will be aglow with the beautiful lunar light filtering through my blinds. As a child, I remember wondering why I felt so connected to the almost eerie glow.

Before I really dived into my spirituality, I would feel compelled to sit on my balcony and bathe in the light. I never realized that I was actually soaking up its pure energy.

Now, I take every opportunity to use this magical event to recharge myself, my crystals, and my totems. The best part is, it’s so fast. And so easy! But before I share what I consider to be the most important things you can do on the full moon, I have to explain why the full moon is so magical in the first place.

What Makes the Full Moon so special?

The moon goes through its cycle in 29.5 days. When the moon is at its fullest, it’s half way through its cycling. It’s at this time when the Full Moon’s energy is at its strongest. The seas surge, hospitals are full, and our emotions are at an all time high.

The effects of this energy is experienced two days before and two days after, peaking during the hour the moon as is at its height. The energy that is beamed down to us though is neutral. It’s neither positive or negative, it’s affects are caused by the energy that we are currently carrying within ourselves.

If we’re feeling down, this will be magnified. If we’re happy, then that will be magnified.

What makes the full moon so special is that the wealth of energy can help you to manifest the things you want in your life.

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Full Moon Ritual to Banish Negative Energy

At the new moon it’s the time to make goals and to push yourself onwards. For the first quarter moon, it’s time to recognize challenges and overcome them. But with the full moon it’s time to take definitive action. Now is the time to take charge. You’ll have the power to now. So it’s during this time, when you’re at your strongest, that you need to put all of the negative voices and energies to rest.

What You’ll Need

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Lighter or candle (preferably white)
  • Bowl or place to put burning paper

Sit down in the light of the full moon, if possible. Take a few minutes to center your thoughts. Start by writing everything that’s been stressing you out. Then move onto everything that you feel you’ve failed at (everything- don’t hold back). Write down negative thoughts that you have. Dig deep and let everything just flow out onto the paper.

When you’re done- take as much time as you need- fold up there paper. Take a moment to feel the negative energy and thoughts that you have soak into the paper.

Use a lighter or a white candle to light a corner of the paper. Say or think “I give myself permission to release these negative thoughts and energies. I deserve to move on and to be free from these forces. I give myself permission to be free.”

Drop the note into a safe place. Watch it burn away, with it everything that has been negatively impacting you.

Meditating to Focus Positive Energy

After you’ve cleared your mind, body, and spirit of all the negative energy that’s been hanging around, it’s a good idea to set yourself on the right path.

What You’ll Need

  • Quiet meditation spot
  • Guided meditation (optional)

Group meditation or solo meditation is a great way to focus your thoughts and energy. You’ll be able to harness the energy from the full moon to further the positive energy that you’ll create through your meditation.

Positive Energy during the Full Moon

Sharing the Love

If you know how to do a moon ritual, are just dabbling, or are just putting positive thoughts out there, one of the most important things you can do is spread that love. When the world vibrates at a higher frequency there’s more peace and prosperity for everyone. You can do what I’m doing and sending love and positive energy to my friends, family, and complete strangers that have asked, or you could send it to the people you know who need it, or you can send it to an area of the world that is experiencing turmoil.

Remember that everything you do in this life is returned to you threefold. If you wish ill on others, you will experience that ill will 3x stronger than they are. The same is true for positive energy. You attract what you send out. Get some added good karma, positive energy, and just feel better about yourself (for being awesome)!

Carrying the Positive Energy into the Rest of the Month

The full moon is a perfect opportunity to leave out your personal objects so that they too can soak up the lunar energy. Leave personal totems (I have rocks and shells I’ve collected over the years), crystals, tarot cards, or a glass of water in the moonlight. It will recharge these objects so that they can better serve you in the next few weeks.

Leaving out water can also provide a powerful boost to you or plants that you water it with. I like to leave a pitcher out so I can have some and share the wealth with my plant babies.

Best of luck for everyone tonight. On IG and FB, I am accepting positive energy requests that I can include in my full moon ritual. You can add your requests there or in the comments below!

Peace and Namaste.

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