Foolproof Methods to Protect Yourself From Negative Energy

Foolproof Methods to Protect Yourself From Negative Energy

How to: Protect Yourself From Negative Energy

Negative energies are the energies that are holding you back from happiness, confidence, love, manifesting, etc etc. Really it’s negative energy that prevents you from living a full life and honoring your true-self. While I have other posts about getting rid of negative energy, you need to protect yourself from negative energy once you’ve done so.

Digest the Negative Energy

Now, as I break down the energy I can recognize that what I’m feeling isn’t my own. From there, I separate from those emotions and can examine them. I can distinguish how they are feeling and what it might be related to. While finding cause takes practice, figuring out if the emotions are your own can be easy. Find a quiet place perferably in your element (I like to be in the shower since I’m a Pisces and a water element). Sit in those emotions and ask yourself are these mine? What is causing this? If you can find an exact cause right away then they’re your emotions. If you can’t, say to yourself ‘these aren’t mine’. Now if that resonates with you, then it’s true. If not, then perhaps pick apart further what is causing these feelings.

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Meditate for Protection

Now I’m not saying that you won’t feel anything or you won’t pick up other’s negative energies. But you will more easily read those negative energies. You’ll be better able to recognize that what you are feeling, is not your own. You will better be able to protect yourself.

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Practice Feeling Other’s Energy & Shutting it Out

Grab a partner and let your hands hover a few inches above their skin. Bare skin works best (for example if your partner is wearing a tank top) but you can do this over clothing as well. Laugh out the initial awkward feelings and then try and pick up how the other person is feeling. Do they feel stressed or happy or sad? Talk it out. Have some fun with it!

I believe there is a time and a place to feel negative energy, but unless you want to help someone or have a deep conversation, then you really should practice being able to shut out the negative feelings.

Practice Self-Care

You won’t be able to effectively protect yourself from negative energy if you aren’t showering yourself with positive energy. Release the negative and let in the positive. You can’t keep piling both on, you only have so much space for this energy and these vibes. If you allow yourself to pick up all these negative feelings then you won’t have room for your own positive feelings.

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