The Ego and the Law of Attraction

The Ego and the Law of Attraction

Not too long ago, I caught myself while talking to someone about the Law of Attraction. I was saying that if you picture it- you can have it. And that’s true- for the most part. Except, no, sorry not everyone is going to get a yacht.

Our ego is always with us, for good or for bad. When it comes to learning how to use the Law of Attraction, it’s imperative to take a look at our ego first.


How the Ego Creates ‘Wanting’

Your ego is the collection of beliefs that you have about yourself. These are the beliefs that we often express to others, for example “I’m clumsy”. Sometimes these beliefs aren’t necessarily true though- creating a disconnect. This disconnect creates unease in our overall wellness. If you’re believing one thing but experiencing something else it creates confusion and often leads to anxiety and depression.

It’s your ego that perhaps paints the wildest fantasies of what we could have or be. But it’s also our ego that starts our sentences with “I want”. I want a brand new car. I want my dream house. I want to never work a day again in my life. Are other “I wants” coming into your head right now?

Wanting creates wanting.

It’s the ego that tells us what we need to make the image of ourselves line up with the reality of our lives. But the ego is misguided, by no fault of it’s own. Your intuition and heart will guide you. I know that sounds corny- but hear me out. When we are being true to ourselves and what we want to do, it’s our heart, soul, and intuition that guides us in our decision making. When our ego steps in to make decisions they’re often to please the status quo, an insecurity, or someone else.

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Letting Go of the Ego

Releasing the hold our ego has over us takes more than a couple of days. It involves pulling back the layers of beliefs we’ve created about ourselves, and focusing on our needs rather than our wants.

I’ve found that following your intuition instead of your own logic sometimes, is the best way to start releasing that hold. Practicing mindfulness and being present is also another way to start getting out of your own head. Think of it something like this: instead of creating the narrative in your head, just let it play out.

The Law of Attraction Minus the Ego

Everyone deserves abundance. But abundance looks different to everyone. Figuring out what you and your soul truly needs, not just wants, is the first step in dropping the ego from this conversation.

Picturing your dream life is stronger than listing ‘what you want’. But, once again, it has to be something that you’re truly passionate and dedicated about.

If the ego is the construct that we’ve created for ourselves, then the dreams the ego creates are also for that person that isn’t the real us. We can’t align to that and the results will not be found. And wanting will be abundant instead.

When you being your quest with the Law of Attraction and people are telling you that you can manifest anything that you want, it’s discouraging to not have that happen. But it may not be happening because you’re ego is having more of a say than your soul. Figure out what you and your soul need and manifest from there!

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