Ready. Set. Manifest!

Ready. Set. Manifest!


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Being able to manifest the things you want in your life has become a fad. It takes so much more than just wishing for something to happen, to make it happen. Luckily, the steps it takes to make this happen are easy. It just takes practice, positive energy, and a dash of imagination.

Hello and welcome to my introductory course to Manifesting! This seven day course is designed to either be the start of your woo woo healing journey or a how-to on beginning to manifest. At the end of this course you’re going to know how to manifest your goals, confidence, and positive energy into your life. Gone are the days where you’re waiting, passively, for things to come into your life. Take charge, embrace the power of your energy, and starting manifesting your goals and desires.

Here’s your course roadmap to manifesting in five easy steps in just 7 days:

Introduction: What is Manifesting

Step One: Letting Go

Step Two: The Challenges

Step Three: Get Clear

Step Four: Immersion

Step Five: Trust the Universe

Ready. Set. Manifest!

You have the power to do this. All you have to do is learn how to harness it to see abundance enter your life.

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  • Introduction: What is Manifesting 

    • About this Course
    • Course Expectations: For Me & You
    • What is Manifesting?
    • Your Workbook
    • Join the Community ✨?
  • Step One: Letting Go 

    • Step One: Letting Go Introduction
    • Letting Go Video
    • What Does it Mean to Let Go
  • Step Two: The Challenges 

    • Step Two: Challenges Introduction
    • The Universe’s Challenges Video
    • Getting Ready for the Challenges
  • Step Three: Get Clear 

    • Step Three: Getting Clear Introduction
    • Getting Clear Video
    • Imagine…
  • Step Four: Immersion 

    • Step Four: Immersion Introduction
    • Immersion Video
    • It’s Time to BE it!
  • Step Five: Trust the Universe 

    • Step Five: Trust the Universe Introduction
    • Trust the Universe Video
    • Trusting the Process
  • Ready. Set. Manifest! 

    • Congratulations!
    • Join the community ✨?

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