My Chakra Restart Changed My Life

While meditating and yoga have always been my thing, it may be surprising that I had never put much thought into my chakras. Until recently I didn’t even know what they actually were! It was when a good friend of mine asked me for my opinion on them that I finally decided to look into them. The more I learned, the quicker I felt compelled to do a chakra restart and give the spiritual part of me a little boost.
Each chakra is found in a particular part of the body; think of the image of the colored dots going up the spine. Those are your chakras. Each chakra has its own location, purpose, and duty. When one is experiencing a blockage then the rest of them aren’t going to be performing the correct way either. I decided to get rid of these blockages and try to realign myself. I focused on one chakra each day, doing any of the tips and tricks that I could find that I thought might help.
After a week, the results really amazed me. I have continued to use some of the daily methods in my everyday life. Some chakras will come more naturally to you then others. Others will be difficult and you will recognize quickly that you need to work on that particular area. With those, I would focus more energy on it during the day. I would focus my thoughts more on the affirmations and would journal about what they mean to me. But I’ll talk more about the results at the end though. First let me briefly explain which each one is and what you can do to do your own chakra restart!

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Root Chakra

Your root chakra is located slightly below the pelvis. It’s where your sit bones meet the floor when you are sitting down. This red energy is in charge of bringing energy up from the ground and circulating it through the rest of your body. If you have a blockage in your root chakra, you’re going to have a blockage in all of your other ones as well.
Since each chakra is associated with a color it is suggested that you eat food or wear clothes that also match this color. While I didn’t wear the colors all day, while meditating I would make sure that I was touching something with it. Its the visualization of the color that is helpful when it comes to concentrating on each chakra. So if you can visualize the ball of color in your mind’s eye, holding something might not be as important.
Affirmations for the root chakra are about being grounded, after all this is where your energy is drawn from. During meditation or when you are setting your daily intentions try to think of things like:
  • I am safe and secure
  • I am the physical form of my spiritual soul (This is my favorite)
  • I am grounded
  • I am one with nature
When you are thinking about being grounded, what is one of the things that you think of? Well for me it was a tree. They stand tall and strong and draw in almost all of their nutrients from the ground. Picture yourself as that tree: tall, strong, with your feet firmly planted in the ground.

Sankal Chakra

This orange energy that is found in our pelvis region is in charge of our emotions, feelings, and sexual feelings. When you are experiencing a blockage here you could be experience feelings of jealousy, extreme sexual arousal (or the complete opposite), or feel disconnected from how you are feeling in general.
On the day that I focused on my sandal chakra I drank honey tea instead of finding something that is orange. I made it after my meditation and affirmations so that they feelings and thoughts were still fresh in my mind. It seemed to help to solidify and let everything settle.
The affirmations that can be used to help this chakra restart are those that help to improve your self confidence. Our sexuality is so much more than the just the act, it includes our personality and our demeanor with how we approach the world. It involves the natural way that we approach life; lustfully all the way to shyly. If you’re going to try some affirmations think of these:
  • I am at ease and peaceful
  • I am confident with who I am
  • I am comfortable with my inner self
  • I am enough
  • I am connected with others (this is my favorite)
  • I enjoy life
If thinking about how this chakra is related to your sexual feelings completely turns you off to it (no pun intended) approach it this way: think of this chakra as the way you are connected with other people. Everyone is connected in our little world. It’s an idea that is sometimes forgotten. We all came from the same place, will carry on through the same place, and will pass on.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Our solar plexus chakra is found in our lower stomach. This yellow energy that emanates from this area control your creativity and the way that you feel about yourself. If its off balance you can experience depression, anxiety, and mental fog. It can also cause you to feel discouraged towards yourself.
For me, I had to think about this chakra all day to really address it and let it sink into my mind. I also have forms of both depression and anxiety though, so it may be easier for you. Again affirmations and meditation are what I used to restart this chakra. It’s during and after my meditations that I would say any of these affirmations. I’d also write them up on my white board so that as I walked by during the day I could see them and be reminded of them.
For the solar plexus chakra think:
  • I am worthy
  • I honor myself
  • I love and accept myself
  • I accept my abilities
  • I am more than enough
  • I am deserving
This chakra seems like it would be the easiest one. That’s what I thought as I began that day. It’s so easy to wave these thoughts off though and to believe that you already believe them. Take a quiet moment to really figure out if you do believe them though. Do you honestly think that you are deserving? Do you really trust in yourself?

Heart Chakra

Located in the chest, our heart chakra is a green energy that controls our compassion for others and ourselves. When it is in balance it helps us to not only love ourselves but to also bring harmony between ourselves and others. This chakra is also linked to the gratitude that we feel. The more that we practice gratitude the more we are healing our heart chakras.
Once again, affirmations were extremely effective for me. For this chakra I include ones like:
  • I love myself
  • I love others
  • I am compassionate of others
  • I am grateful
  • I am forgiving
If you are following along, the sankal chakra is about a more physical relationship with others. The heart chakra is the more emotional relationship that we have with others. You don’t have to be friends or family or even acquittances with someone in order to show them compassion. Compassion can be expressed through the way that we are grateful for their life and forgiving of any wrongs that they may do us- without needing that apology first.

Third Eye Chakra

My favorite color indigo finally gets some attention when it comes to focusing on our third eye chakra. This chakra restart is one that we all actually address more often then you’d think. When this chakra is off balance, it can make you feel like you’re in a haze. You’ll be prone to day dreaming and have trouble concentrating. It’s this chakra that we are attempting to bring back into balance when we are bringing ourselves back into the moment.
When our third eye chakra is in balance it allows us to trust in ourselves and what our heart, body, or mind is trying to tell us. Every chakra is connected to trusting in ourselves, this one perhaps the most. The affirmations that are used are those that are meant to help solidify the trust that we have in our own intuition. For example:
  • I trust in myself
  • I trust my inner wisdom
  • I trust my intuition
  • I am divinely guided
  • I see clearly
Healing this chakra is a huge confidence boost. You’ll be able to feel it almost instantly. The problem with getting all the way to healing the third eye chakra is that you need to start from the bottom and work your way to the top. Your body is like that tree, trying to pull energizing water from the ground. If something happens and there is a blockage somewhere, water either wont’ be able to make it to the top or it will be so little that it won’t really be helpful.
After you have addressed all of your chakras its easier to focus on one at a time. You can even do them out of order. If you’re feeling off in a particular way then you can try to narrow down which one you need to spend some energy on. But you have to start from the bottom and work your way up. It only takes six days to do this. Healing your chakras is a great way to show yourself some self love actually. Let me tell you why.

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How My Chakra Restart Changed Me

Practicing meditation is something that I am incredibly grateful for. It helps me to gather myself and refocus my thoughts. At any point during the day when my mind is going a million miles per hour, all it takes is a few slow deep breaths to begin to slow them down. It doesn’t work all the time of course, but its an amazing start and a huge relief. Guided meditations have always been my favorite kind. While sitting in silence is great, the guided ones really allow me to relax and dive into my practice.
When it came to my chakra restart, each day I did a guided meditation specific for that chakra. There are hundreds available but luckily I found one that really worked for me. I entered into the area with an open mind and spirit and let the words wash over me. Each day I left feeling more at peace with myself. From day one with a grounding meditation all the way to a third eye meditation in which you’re basically telling yourself that your instincts are correct, you’re giving your mind, body, and soul the attention they deserve.
It’s easy to forget that the three are connected. If you want to feed your body, you also need to feed your mind and soul. To feed your mind, you need to nourish your body and soul. And to allow your soul to flourish, you need to allow your mind and body to as well. All three are connected and can’t exist without the other. The daily affirmations serve as food for your mind. These positive thoughts gently give you encouragement and help to bring peace to your soul. The things that you hold or eat that are related to the colors mysteriously find a way to bind the body and mind. Each chakra is directly linked to a part of your soul and by giving it attention you’re allowing for it to grow.

Breath of Fresh Air

At the end of my third eye chakra restart, I felt completely refreshed. Personally, I am so grateful that I did this for myself and feel like anyone can benefit from a chakra restart. I feel more at peace within my body, mind, and soul. I feel more confident in my abilities and trust in what my intuitions are telling me about certain situations or decisions to be made. My abilities to spread peace, love, joy and tolerance are crystal clear now. The relationships that I have with others seem stronger more than ever. Being accepting and open with yourself, allows you to be that same way with others.
Ultimately, I feel more at peace with myself and the world around me. I feel armed and prepared for the emotional and physical challenges that life could throw at me because I am unified in the three aspects of myself: the body, mind, and soul.

Have you done a chakra restart? How did it make you feel? Do you have any other suggestions on what to focus on for each chakra?
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  1. I really appreciated this article! The idea about associating the color of the chakra throughout the day really inspired me! I use coloring as a tool to deal with my anxiety so I plan to color in shades of red tomorrow before my root chakra meditation!

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