The Connection Between your Ego and Minimalism

Connection Between your Ego and Minimalism | What is the ego | What is minimalism | Ego and Minimalism

More and more people are turning towards a minimalistic lifestyle. The appeal of living with less and experiencing more is extremely appealing- especially to those that are experiencing a reconnection with their soul. Consumerism and the need to have more materialistic things are ideas that are flying out the window as people begin to “wake […]

Foolproof Methods to Protect Yourself From Negative Energy

protect yourself from negative energy

How to: Protect Yourself From Negative Energy Negative energies are the energies that are holding you back from happiness, confidence, love, manifesting, etc etc. Really it’s negative energy that prevents you from living a full life and honoring your true-self. While I have other posts about getting rid of negative energy, you need to protect […]

Are spirituality and religion the same thing: Religion vs Spirituality

This week I tried to briefly explain my spirituality. By briefly I mean in three sentences tops- a bad idea. Spirituality and religion go hand in hand. While you can’t have religion without spirituality (when practiced honestly), you can have spirituality without religion. This means that someone can be spiritual without religion but religion helps. […]