Bye Bye Fear!

Bye Bye Fear!

Bye Bye Fear! Hello SoulFood!

So I know I’ve been kinda hinting and talking about Open Eye Connection on my social media accounts and even on here, but what exactly is it right?


It’s a monthly lifestyle guide/how-to that’s all about connecting with the inner woo woo goddess, to get shtuff done, and to improve ourselves (for ourselves). The SoulFood section is my personal favorite part. It’s basically the ‘self-help’ section but geared more towards your spiritual wellness. I meditate for hours on each SoulFood in regards to what my readers need to learn, hear, grow from, etc. From there, I let the words flow through me so that you’re getting the purest form of the message that I receive.

Before making any SoulFood section concrete though, I work through it myself. I do each activity, meditation, or question that I pose. I don’t want you to do something that I haven’t done. And how would I even know if it’s beneficial if I didn’t test it out on myself first right?

February’s SoulFood is super special because it’s our first official one (although not my first self-help book, you can check that out here). To celebrate, and to offer you a more exclusive peak inside, I have a snippet from the first ever *official* SoulFood section!!

February 2018’s SoulFood

I won’t reveal yet the theme for the February issue but I will say that the SoulFood deals with fear, among other things. Fear prevents us from doing so many important things. I mean naturally- that is after all what its supposed to do. But we’re starting to give into fear, rather than just letting it serve as a kind of guide.

It prevents us from making decisions that we need to make. And it’s easy to give into it instead of fight it. But, to grow, we need to lean into fear, accept it, and allow it to mold us in a positive way. Right now, with our fear unchecked, it’s molding us in a negative way. It’s easy enough to avoid things for as long as possible, but its harder when you actually have to do it.

Feb’s SoulFood was created to help you start to overcome some of those blocks and to work through them so you can actually use fear to benefit you. This is one of the questions from Feb’s SoulFood (a major sneak peak I might add)!

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What I Wrote & Some Reflection

I did in fact write a letter to myself. And honestly, it was one of the harder ones I’ve had to write. Hindsight is 20/20 so telling yourself that you shouldn’t be afraid because ‘everything worked out in the end’ isn’t really digging deep enough.

Replace the word fear with anxiety. What would it be like if you didn’t let anxiety get in the way. That simple word edit changes it slightly, but it shouldn’t. Our anxiety leads to us giving into our fear. My anxiety that arises during social situation stems from the fear I have for being judged. Once I made that realization, the words poured out of me. I couldn’t stop. And then the tears came.

I won’t include everything I wrote, but here’s a little snapshot:

Fear. Oh you tricky, slippery, yet ever present cloud. You shade my day, linger on my horizon, and predispose every grizzly storm. Even when I’m not scared or nervous or even anxious, I know you’re nearby. You wouldn’t miss out on all the fun.

Everything stems from fear. I’m scared to be my authentic self because what I’m not enough. What if these people around me think the same negative things about me that I already do?

If doing something that I fear makes me positively uncomfortable, then I should be doing it right?

It’s not that I wish I didn’t let fear control me in the past. I’m so grateful for the way everything has turned out. But I wish I didn’t let it stop me from doing some of the things I haven’t. There are fights and disagreements that came from the way I responded to my fear, and those were absolutely unnecessary. But in a way I guess they were. It’s not that I don’t want to experience fear. It’s a healthy feeling. It even lets us know when we’re doing the right thing sometimes. I just don’t want it to affect my actual life anymore.

Now I challenge you! You write a letter to yourself about what it would be like if you didn’t let fear get in your way. Let me know what you think 🙂 share your comments or a bit of what you wrote in the comments, I’d love to hear how it affects you and your day!

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