Anxiety and Intuition: What’s the Difference?

Anxiety and Intuition: What’s the Difference?

During my recent Empath Workshop, I had the question “How do I know the difference between anxiety and intuition?” asked. This question really hit home as I’m someone who used to suffer from severe anxiety, and still do from time to time today. It wasn’t until I was explaining the difference that I realized that as I developed my intuition and listened to it, my anxiety had started to fade.

When there is imbalance in the body it shows itself physically, such as anxiety or feeling sick. When your intuition is telling you one thing but your mind is telling you something else, anxiety will naturally appear. The question becomes which one do I listen to? My brain or my intuition? As time goes on, anxiety becomes second nature and we work to heal the symptoms of it.

What if be listening to our intuition, we could start to heal from our anxieties? But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s tackle the difference between anxiety and intuition first.

What is the Difference Between Anxiety and Intuition?

Intuition is the voice of your soul, guiding you to where you need to be and to what you need to be doing. It’s when we get a feeling about something or a person that we can’t explain. We just know without any real reason behind it. Your intuition is closely related to your instinct in that it is the first response you have towards something.

The problem is, your intuition and what it tells you can lead to anxiety. But it’s not always your intuition that is telling you something. When your mind has a chance to think over the situation, that’s when your anxiety kicks in. It’s when we think we know something. It’s the worry, nagging feeling that can turn into a panic attack that leaves us short of breath and feeling disoriented.

When you follow your intuition, you may get anxious, but a panic attack won’t ensue. There’s a sense of comfort when you follow your intuition. Everything feels right in the world. When you listen to your anxiety, it feels like you’re going against something. It creates that feeling of disconnection.

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