About me

About me

Hi, I’m Nathalie


I’m so happy that you found my little corner of the vast inter-web – something led you here. I truly believe that. Something within you was yearning to be reconnected to your energy centers, it was calling to you to honor your true-self, and to live by the sun and the moon.
I experienced the same calling years ago. Through scouring the web, reconnecting with nature, and following my intuition, I am where I am today. It took me years! Took so many tissue boxes. Quite a few stumbles. And even a move across the cross. But I made it. And I’ve made it my mission to help you do the same- but in a shorter time span and with less tears!
You can experience the same energy healing process that I went through with any of my packages or kits in my Energy Healing Services or you can read about it in my blog.
In my blog pages, I strive to bring you all that I’ve learned in quick easy-to-read-doses. If you have any questions, pop them in the comments and I’ll answer them right away! If that’s not fast enough, reach out to me through social media.
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My History

 From a young age I’ve loved nature. I took every opportunity to immerse myself in it and get lost in its tranquility. I acquainted myself with the bugs, animals, and plants that I could see. I spent hours more reading and learning about all the amazing creatures that we share Mother Earth with.
It didn’t take me long to realize how essential every little bit is. From the dirt to the sky, everything is connected and part of the overall picture of things. This doesn’t exclude us. As I was realizing this, I was also seeing how detached we truly are from the spirit of nature.
Fast forward a few years and I was experiencing a spiritual renewal. All that I had learned in my youth combined with what I learned from studying spirituality and religion. When I began learning about my spirituality and about all that it meant to me, it was only natural to combine nature with it. Through this experience I realized that nature has incredible healing powers if only we open our minds and souls to it.
I then took a terrifying leap of faith. I embraced my ability of being a healer. The vivid dreams I’ve had for as long as I can remember, finally started making sense. My natural ability to pick up on energies, past pain, and my need to help others were calling me towards helping others pursue their own spiritual renewal.
 I’ve since studied reiki, crystal and energy healing, tarot readings, astrology spiritual guides, balancing my chakras, and aromatherapy. Ive applied these amazing things to my own life and have experienced amazing results. Now I’ve made it my mission to bring these important lessons to others.
I’m here to act as your guide to a spiritual renewal by embracing nature’s healing abilities.
Please look around, ask questions, leave comments, and contact me if you would like to talk about a spiritual renewal package.
And as always Namaste!
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My Mission

A year and a half ago I began my mission of working for myself. I began as a writer (which I still am), moved to a virtual assistant, and now am an intuitive life coach and soulful wellness coach. I love what I do. And it took hard work and dedication to get here. It’s not something I ever would’ve imagined happening but I’m so incredibly grateful that it did.

Love the journey while you’re on it.

You can find blog posts here about my journeys with minimalism, my Munchkin, traveling, recipes, and lifestyle rules that I follow everyday. There isn’t a single thing here that I don’t do myself.

I’m also the social media marketing manager at Informed and Empowered! Amy and I talk about spiritual wellness and mental health, posting articles, creating awesome FREE resources, and making videos to talk about hot topics! It’s so rewarding to read success stories from both site!

My Goals as a Coach is to help you:

  • Listen and honor your inner voice

  • Dispel the negative so you can truly listen to yourself

  • Balance your energy centers so you can feel balanced and whole

  • Perform tarot card readings they’re a great tool to answer any questions you may have

  • Help you utilize the law of attraction so you can manifest the life you’ve always wanted

Let’s talk about your own healing journey. Set a free consultation for your earliest convenience and let’s see if I’m the right intuitive coach for you.

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