6 Things my 6 Week Old Taught Me

6 Things my 6 Week Old Taught Me

My little guy is six weeks old. What the heck. When did that happen. One minute he was coming into the world and now he’s beginning to explore it. Time flies. We’re slaves to it.

The only good thing about time is that it heals and it’s a teacher. During my journey through my pregnancy I learned and realized quite a bit. I knew it would be life changing and it has been.

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For all the most perfect reasons, life has changed for us. We’re a family now, further solidified by a common goal of raising a strong, healthy human being. Like with anything that is brand new, there is a learning curve to having a new baby. There is so much to learn about the new addition and how life will flow now.

That being said, these are the six things that I learned in my little lion heart’s first six weeks of life.

6 Things My 6 Week Old Taught me | Baby Lessons | 6 week old | 6 weeks old

1. Anytime is a good time to have a baby

Usually you hear it’s the other way around. “It’s never a good time to have a baby”. And why is that? Because they change everything? The world is a crazy, unstable place? Or because of have much it costs to bring a baby into the world and raise them?

Yes thats all true but that really has nothing to do with the life that you are bringing into the world. The only ‘bad time’ to have a baby is when you aren’t in the position to love or care for someone else. They’re a huge adventure wrapped up in a soft, gentle package.

Sure, there are times where it would be more difficult to have a baby but that doesn’t mean there is never a good time to have a baby. They will make their grand entrance into your life when it’s supposed to happen.

2. Sit up straight

I’ve been guilty of slouching most of my life. I’m not one to sit up straight- I believe in resuming the lazy possession whenever possible. Well Liam quickly let me know that’s not alright. In fact he prefers walking at all times and bouncing in addition about half of that time.

As a breastfeeding momma, slouching means that you’re back will retaliate immediately. It is no longer forgiving when you sit wrong and then carry/bounce a baby.

But sitting up and standing straight doesn’t just apply to a momma.

Being tall relieves stress as you are able to really bring in full inhales of air. It’s also good for you. No one ever said to slouch or to let your head droop.

With everything you do, hold your head up high and stand up tall and proud. Empower yourself and show how confident you are in your journey.

3. Don’t ever give up

As I mentioned before, I’m breastfeeding my little one. It’s something that I was excited about from the time I first learned we were expecting a baby. I had a romanticized image of how it would go in my mind. I also thought it would be easy. Boy was i wrong.

Breastfeeding is harder than giving birth. When you give birth, your body knows what to do and it does it. But when it comes to breastfeeding there is now two individuals that need to know exactly what to do with very little experience of what exactly that entails. Not only that but you need to rely on your body to make the right amount in a timely manner.

Well my body didn’t get that memo, making this experience even more complicated.

It’s resulted in us having to supplement his diet with formula- something I didn’t want to do. But a fed baby is a healthy, happy baby and thats what matters. In the mean time while my body (hopefully catches up) I have been doing everything possible to increase my supply.

By far this has been the most challenging thing in my life. I haven’t never felt so close to giving up on something and it breaks my heart. I really wanted to be able to do this for my baby.

But because it means so much to me, I refuse to give up. If there comes a time when I must then I will but for now I will keep fighting and trying my hardest. My little six week old son has taught me to never give up without even saying a word. As long as he is fed, I am happy. I’m doing this for myself though now and as long as I’m not overly stressed about it then why should I not keep trying?

In short, don’t give up on something that you are passionate about. Your own body could be slacking a little but that doesn’t mean that through hard work and dedication that won’t change.

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4. Savor the little moments

Babies poop and pee a lot! And my little lion cub doesn’t like to be wet- which makes it easy to know when its time for a change. While some people would be annoyed by the changing and the crying, I’m just falling more and more in love with it. It’s all an opportunity to bond with this time little human that will be apart of my life forever.

Of course, his smiles, cooes, and laughter warm my heart. I love seeing him cuddle up to his father and the little games that they have together. But its the little moments that I’m savoring the most. His kicking the second I sit down and the grunts he makes in his sleep; they’re all amazing and mean just as much as everything else.

Enjoy everything that happens. Even when it’s just poop because one day it won’t happen anymore.

5. Someone is always watching

Someone is always watching what you do. There is nothing in life that will go unnoticed. This is especially true in a day and age where everything is posted to social media. It’s hard to control what others see and think of you.

But this is even more true when you are a parent. Every move you make, thing you say, decision you have will forever be viewed. This alone is making me strive to be my full self. I want my son to grow up seeing a strong woman who isn’t afraid to be herself. The things I model will be his spring board to his life. When I judge someone, prioritize something, or handle a situation, it serves as an example now.

This little lesson has made it even more clear to me the way others see me as well. I knew that there are people judging your moves but I never understood the magnitude of those perceptions until now.

6. Say yes yes yes to routines

I love routines, they’re good for your mental health and for establishing a way of life that is productive. The first thing a lot of parents try to do is to establish a routine with their baby. For us, its a bedtime routine. He gets a bath, some foods, and then cuddles and rocking to sleep. It takes a while but he’s getting the message more and more everyday. Its time to unwind and get ready to sleep through the night.

If we put babies in routines, shouldn’t we put ourselves in one too? Yes it’s hard but even if its just a simple short group of activities like waking up, drink some water, and take a shower, shouldn’t we do it? I believe we should and I strongly encourage everyone to.

I have a powerhouse morning routine that worked really well before I had my son. Now, I’m creating a new one that accommodates both of us so we both get the best out of our morning.

**You can read about my awesome morning ritual here.**

My 6 week old has taught me things that I wouldn’t have otherwise. They apply to anyone at any point of life. You don’t have to have a baby to know these things or to need to know. What would you say your baby has taught you? What has life taught you?

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