30 Day Minimalism Challenge

Hello fellow Minimalists! I’ve recently updated the 30 Day Minimalism Challenge and you can actually find it right here! This time, I even included an awesome decluttering printable! Be sure to check it out when you get the chance! Happy decluttering!

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Happy Saturday minimalists! Hope everyone had a great week and that you woke up this morning feeling rejuvenated! We only have a few more days in this journey of starting off the new year right and today I want to introduce you to my 30 Day Minimalism Challenge!

Each of these little activities take very little energy but they open up the door to a world of possibilities. The last day of our journey I will be talking more about what minimalism means to me, but for now I want to give you a little taste of what it could mean for you. Each morning I will be posting a picture or two of what I’ve got going on in my world. I really encourage you to do the same and to use #minimalismchallenge to follow my journey and other’s as well.

What is the Minimalism Challenge All About?

Without going into too much detail, minimalism is about narrowing down what truly matters in our lives. Each of these daily activities is designed to help you get into a different aspect of your overall wellness (either your body, mind, or soul) through methods that are closely linked to a minimalistic lifestyle.

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I challenge you to my 30 Day Minimalism Challenge!

Like I mentioned before each of these activities requires very little time and energy. There’s no excuse to not do it. Throughout the next few weeks, please feel free to add any questions, comments, or concerns on either this page or on the Facebook page. I will answer as quickly as possible. I want you to go get the most out of this experience and would love to help anyway I can.

Doing this daily activities can open up the door to feeling refreshed and more centered. It can really connect you with your inner spirit and reveal the things in your life that you may take for granted. You may even discover something that you want to incorporate into your everyday life.

Like with most things, you won’t know until you try. Try each of these activities with an open heart and open mind. Keep doing the things that resonate with you and enjoy the experience of the things that don’t. I promise though that you will end up liking most, if not all of the things on this minimalism challenge!

Questions, comments, or concerns? Or do you want to share your journey on this challenge? Please share it below! I’d love to hear, help, and see!

Don’t forget to download your awesome decluttering printable!

Mini Minimalism Guidebook Cover

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