27 Tips: Decluttering Made Easy

27 Tips: Decluttering Made Easy

If you’ve been keeping up with our 30 Day Minimalism Challenge, then you’ve already given up and removed 5 pieces of clothing from your closet. Part of living a minimalist lifestyle is only holding onto the things that we need. We let go of relationships and situations that have a negative impact on us, its time that we did the same to all of our junk!

Going through your home will take time, energy, and a ton of patience. It took you years to accumulate all of these things but it’s time to let them go. Decluttering can be difficult. I know. It’s hard to let go of some things when your brain is telling you “oh no, we will need that later”. The thing is, later hasn’t come yet and odds are, it won’t.

We hang on to things that we feel will benefit us one day or that we have placed a value on. If it doesn’t have tremendous sentimental value, it’s probably time that you get rid of it. Don’t let guilt of someone getting it for you, or of its cost, weigh you down and prevent you from giving it away.

To make this purging process easier I’ve gathered the 27 tips that I use to make decluttering easier. Hang on to these ideas when you are going through your home and deciding what you should keep vs. donate or trash. 27 Tips Decluttering Made Easy | How to Declutter | Minimalism | Minimalist Lifestyle | Going Minimalist

27 Tips to Make Decluttering Easy

  1. Make a day of it
  2. Start in the morning
  3. Take breaks
  4. Revisit things you’re unsure of
  5. Donate don’t trash
  6. Let go of the “tomorrow” objects
  7. Think: Have I used this in the past 30 days?
  8. Would you notice if it went missing?
  9. Do you have something that does the same thing?
  10. Why are you hanging on to this?
  11. Go room by room
  12. Get rid of the things in the storage containers
  13. Make a reward for yourself
  14. Have a garage sale—make some money on your unused things
  15. Don’t forget the junk drawers
  16. Forget about the guilt of getting rid of somethings
  17. Clean out your computer
  18. Scan pictures
  19. Shred old paperwork
  20. Repurpose where you can
  21. Organize what you keep
  22. Make sure that everything has a purpose
  23. Donate old towels
  24. Don’t keep things for ‘when they’re back in season’
  25. If it doesn’t fit in with your five year plan, don’t keep it
  26. Ask yourself what would life be like without this
  27. Why are you hanging onto this?

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Why Should You Declutter?

So why declutter if everything is perfectly fine in their little designated area in your home? Well for one, its actually good for you to get rid of things! Yes, it may be irritating and it could be stressful but once these things are gone it can help you breathe a little easier. Even if you never saw all your clutter, just knowing that its gone can improve your concentration and lower your stress levels.

Two, life is about collecting moments, not objects. The problem is, we live in a world that measures worth through objects. New trends and fashions come out every single day. And these new things are blasted to us through commercials, advertisements, and any other way that these companies can get these images in front of us. If you’ve ever had a credit card though, you know that no matter how much you buy it doesn’t help to chase away the unhappiness you may be feeling.

Instead of spending our time and energy on trying to keep up with these things, let’s resolve to spend our time and energy and resources on what really matters; our moments.

This doesn’t mean that you need to get rid of everything. If you don’t want to give up your collection or some things that have sentimental value, then don’t! Those things have a purpose and that is to make you happy. But those other objects that you are saving because it may come back into fashion or you might use it later, let those things go. Let go of the things that are taking up space.

I can pretty much guarantee that once you declutter your space, you won’t even notice most of the things that are gone. You won’t miss them, you won’t ever think of those things again, and you probably won’t even realize they are actually gone. Most of the clothes in your closet are a great example of this. If you don’t believe me, try it out for yourself!

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